Skin 79 Dear Rose BB Cream

Skin 79 Dear Rose BB Cream looks like one for the really fair folk!

Review coming soon!

  • 8/4/11 22:58 Josh :D:

    Can this not look so cute? 😀


    • 8/4/11 23:34 Kay:

      I agree!! I might add this to my countless collection of skin 79 bb cream and other brands as well haha


  • 8/5/11 8:14 kiwikiwidragon:

    Ooooo…..Please post where to get this treasure! I am ready for my dive into Asian BB Cream!!


    • 8/5/11 9:10 the Muse:

      hey kiwi I got it off of imomoko hun!


  • 8/5/11 8:35 Sarah S.:

    Oooh, I might have to make this my first Korean BB trial! Packaging FTW, again!


  • 8/5/11 14:10 Tammie:

    This is so cute AND I am super fair! However I’ve had bad luck with the pink label Skin79 BB cream so now I am wary of paying for any more :(. No matter how I moisturize it’d make the skin in the dry patches between my nose and my mouth flake terribly….


    • 8/5/11 15:13 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear it tammie!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • 8/5/11 15:16 Tammie:

        I guess my skin doesn’t like face makeup…now I am just focusing on skin care so I don’t need it! But I do really need a good concealer…any suggestions for something that will work on both under eye and blemish concealing?


  • 8/5/11 18:34 Cj:

    Did you see that Skin79 now has a North American website? You can even buy their products directly from them instead of having to go to a 3rd party site. Plus the prices seem pretty good!


  • 8/9/11 7:48 Marxie:

    Ooh.. I like the packaging it’s somehow different from other bb creams. I hope it’s as good as the Prestige one. :) Will be waiting for your review. :)


  • 9/21/11 12:21 Pam:

    When can we read the review? I am really looking forward to hearing more about this one. I love my bb creams!


  • 11/20/11 20:38 kath:

    My friend from taiwan got this bbcream for me and for herself.
    It smells like roses! The packaging is so cute too
    The oil control is..well its better than my old bb cream that I got from the faceshop~ my nose always shines though so its probably just my skin. The coverage is good.

    I never push the botton all the way down though I think too much comes out ^^; my face is small though lol


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