Betsey Johnson Too Too Eau de Parfum

Betsey Johnson Too Too get in my stomach.

OMG I must have you for my very own.

Bringing together her love and passion for dance Betsey Johnson created her flirty new fragrance, Too Too.

I’m in lust with the bottle…!

Betsey Johnson Too Too is a youthful and effervescent scents with notes of passion fruit, mandarin, ginger, and strawberry leaves with a delicate pink musk, vanilla, rose, and jasmine to add touches of warm floral.

The bottle is a feminine figure dressed in a bold and playful outfit of black fishnet and a pink tutu…it’s one of the first things that caught my eyes (the light bolt tattoo has me thinking Harry Potter)!

Too Too promises to be a carefree, flirty little fragrance.

I must smell this one!

Anyone try?

Do share!

  • 9/28/11 19:36 Joyce:

    MUSE I WANT THIS SO BADLY. I am SUCH a sucker for quirky packaging.


    • 9/29/11 9:55 the Muse:

      me too joyce ;-D me too!


  • 9/28/11 20:40 Tohnia:

    I love love love love Betsey Johnson! I hate floral perfumes with a passion (only ones I can stand are Body Shop’s cherry blossom and Britney Spears [I know, I know, but it smells GORGEOUS!] Fantasy collection), but just for Betsey I will have to try this! I seriously want it just for the bottle…shame on me!


  • 9/28/11 23:17 Melissa:

    I hope it smells as good as it looks. i’m thinking about ordering it just or the collection factor. Hmmmm.


  • 9/29/11 2:11 chels:

    OMG I just want the bottle! I need to smell this. Hope its not too sugary sweet or overly floral.


  • 9/29/11 8:42 Marina:

    Oh my gosh. This is lovely. I saw it on Sephora’s site the other day. I am a Betsey fangirl, haha!


  • 9/30/11 1:27 Andrea:

    Forget the scent, I just want the bottle! It’s too cute and would match the decor in my room perfectly. I have the original Betsey Johnson fragrance and like it a lot, so I hope this one is a winner too.


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