Lorac 3D Eye Shadow Collection

Here are three decadent shades of Lorac Eyeshadow to enjoy from Ulta.

The Lorac 3D Eye Shadow Collection is $20 and includes three Lorac Eyeshadows in gorgeous Fall colors.

I want, I need.

Available now at Ulta.com

  • 9/6/11 11:52 Sara:

    You need to settle yourself down this morning, Muse! You’re posting too many awesome things in too short of a time-frame. It’s breaking my brain! :p. I now need everything this fall!


    • 9/6/11 11:55 the Muse:

      LOL sara sorry ;D! making up for the long weekend ;D!


  • 9/6/11 12:02 Myk:

    That’s HOTT! I say keep ’em comin’! Oh dear…even the packaging’s calling…


  • 9/7/11 14:25 Majick:

    LORAC shadows rock! I guess I’m gonna hafta revisit this week. I really need to go shopping in my own stash.


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