Too Faced Holiday 2011 Available at Sephora

Just a note, Too Faced Holiday 2011 is available at if you want to indulge.

When I posted late last week items were not yet showing in stock as of today the entire collection is ready for your credit card ha…!

Happy Haulin’!

  • 9/6/11 13:48 haley:

    want! even more than urban decay for holiday (is it holiday?) 2011. & thats saying soooo much! thanks for the info (:


    • 9/6/11 13:52 the Muse:

      my pleasure haley! :)


  • 9/6/11 13:59 Michelle:

    Ordered the Sweet Dreams palette the other night, I cannot wait for it to get here!! Now if that palette from The Balm would come out now, I would be one happy woman! :)


    • 9/6/11 14:14 the Muse:

      ya enjoy michelle ;D!


  • 9/6/11 23:44 zang:

    This collection looks nice! But, not to hate, and I’m not hatin’ but sometimes, the vignette frames of the too faced palettes bother me. lol. I just don’t think they are that. It’s kind of too much. haha. sorry.


  • 9/7/11 4:08 Lynn:

    The packaging is sucking me into getting it. So pretty!


  • 9/8/11 1:28 deljane:

    Hi Muse, any chance you’ll swatch the palette? Honestly I haven’t touched my TF glamourland palette and Lorac box office sensation from the holidays. So I’m at a loss if I want to get this. First impulse is to get it but I haven’t seen any online swatches yet so I’m biding my time with this lol


    • 9/9/11 9:59 the Muse:

      If I get it will do delijane :)


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