Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Kajal Eye Liner Review, Swatches, Photos

Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Kajal Eye Liner is one part of the Fall 2011 Color Collection from VS entitled Hypnotic Beauty.

Fans of creamy eyeliner might want to grab hold of this one!


A traditional Kajal Eye Liner.

Victoria’s Secret makeup is sometimes a hit or a miss but in most cases I find most of their limited edition releases are always gems. I really like this Kajal Eye Liner as it has a nice creamy formula that smudges easily and glides onto eyes without skipping. I find it glides on very nicely and leaves behind a decently pigmented pop of black liner. The super fine tip makes it easy to get an even, straight line and the creamy formula has a knack for smudging out beautifully well.

The liner comes in a decorative Indian print gold tube however I wasn’t too keen on the packaging, I’ll get into that in a sec.

I found the formula wore nicely without smudging, fading, or migrating and also worked quite nicely on my waterline for about five hours straight.

At $15 it isn’t entirely cheap but the packaging and the generous amount you get might sway you into indulging.

I’ve reviewed some of the other pieces from the Hypnotic Beauty Collection and mentioned before that the packaging was disappointing. I find LE Collections from VS normally have quite luxe packaging however this packaging is flimsy, light, and has stickers on the tube that peel off easily. It’s a little disenchanting to be presented with such packaging when I personally have way nicer in my collection from some of Victoria’s Secret’ past collections.

As much as I love the liner it’ll prove challenging to get a sharp edge from it when the point goes dull. At the moment it has a wonderful precisely sharpened point but with a few uses it’ll start to go dull and prove a pain to sharpen I imagine as it does not come with its own special sharpener.

  • Anyone who likes dramatic black eyeliners.
  • Those who prefer creamy, easy to smudge eyeliners.
  • Those who enjoy pretty packaging as well as quality products housed inside them!

  • Those who already have an HG (holy grail) drugstore eyeliner or higher end one that costs less than $15.
  • Those who are expecting premium packaging (I thought the packaging was very flimsy and light).
  • Those who like pencils with a point (this might prove a problem when the pencil starts to get stubby after a few uses as it won’t be easy to sharpen).

Overall, I liked Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Kajal Eye Liner alot but it has a few quirks particularly the fact that it will probably be messy to sharpen, if in fact, I can even sharpen it. I’m a little disappointed that the Hypnotic Beauty’s packaging was such a cop out but so far some of the pieces are quite nice.

Have you hauled any of it?

Available now at Victoria’s Secret.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 9/20/11 18:41 Kate:

    Hmmm good to know. personally though if I’m going to pay that much I’d rather just go to Sephora and pick out something I know I’ll like and will last.


  • 9/20/11 21:52 Mango the mango:

    I wonder if this was their version of the cone-shaped kajal liner style that Guerlain and Sephora have. For those, I heard you apply them by putting the kajal tip against the inner corner of your eye, close your eyelids around the tip, and drag the tip across to the outer corner of your eye, therefore simultaneously lining both the upper and lower waterlines. That way, the tip doesn’t have to stay sharp to use.

    I’m impressed by how dark black it is, but $15 versus my super watery eyes and super oily lids that never ever allow eyeliner to stay on my waterline for more than an hour…bleh. Think I’ll skip. Thanks for reviewing! =D


  • 9/20/11 22:47 MereMakeupManiac:

    i agree with the hit and miss of VS makeup. i used to own a cream eyeshadow from them, total waste of money! but i got intrigued with this liner, although yah it’s a bit expensive. but it looks cool, even if you say it’s made up of cheap packaging.


  • 9/21/11 6:36 Ana:

    The box alone is pretty enough to make me consider buying this. LOL. I only ever bought makeup from VS once… an eyeshadow palette years and years ago. It was absolutely awful! Seems they have improved a lot since then.


  • 9/21/11 17:49 Teleria:

    Muse – we sold these a year or so ago. Take a lighter to it just long enough to soften the tip, then use a kleenex to shape it. The liner will harden to the pointed tip you create. Worked on our kajals like a charm.


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