Avon Glossful Greetings Gift Tags

Cargo Cosmetics used to make this great lipgloss Holiday cards. Each card had a spot of lipgloss, a santa graphic, and the expression, “Here Comes Santa Gloss” on each. How cute is that?

I haven’t seen the cards around but I’m hoping Cargo will bring them back this year.

Avon gives this holiday tradition a new spin with gift tags!


What’s the best way to address your friend’s Holiday gift this season?

With a Glossful Greeting Gift Tag, of course! Each festive tag contains a single application of Glazewear Lipgloss in Iced Pink!

A set of 5 is $5 and I personally think they are ideal for the beauty lovers in your life.


Available at www.avon.com

  • 10/24/11 17:32 the beauty alchemist:

    The Cargo ones were sooo cute .love these too. I mean who wouldn’t love one ?


  • 10/25/11 6:21 Donna:

    As soon as I saw these I thought of Cargo! Those were the cutest, but kinda spendy.


    • 10/25/11 8:57 the Muse:

      donna dontcha just love those cargo cards?!


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