MAC Ice Parade Mineralize Make It Perfect Brush Kit Review

Sci-Fi is one my favorite genres but not sure I need it injected into my Holiday Makeup Collection haulin’ but hey props to MAC for wanting to create a different Holiday experience for us.

Let’s take a look at the MAC Glitter and Ice Make It Perfect Brush Kit which is one of a few new sets MAC will be releasing for Holiday 2011.

I generally like when MAC Holiday comes around as it’s a most excellent time to haul their brush sets and save a ton of money. MAC makes some superior brushes and they are well worth hauling if you have the cash to fling at them. However, those who don’t or those who aren’t of the mentality that dishing out $30 or more bucks on a single brush is a good idea probably love this time of year as you can get several brushes for a very low price.

I have to say this will probably be my favorite set from MAC Ice Parade simply because I love these brushes and don’t already have some of them in fibre format. I love fibre brushes as they have such light, airy bristles that allow my heavy hand to apply makeup delicately plus these are ideal brushes for mineral uses or for those who use alot of loose pigments or powders.

This set includes MAC’s traditional 187 which is a popular brush for using with Mineralize Skin Finishes or for buffing on liquid or cream foundations. I already own the full size as well as mini sizes of this brush but it’s an essential one if you don’t already own it.

Other brushes include the 130 a popular short haired, flat top brush which makes applying foundations easy as you can buff them gently into place. This is also a nice brush for contouring or bronzing in my opinion.

Two brushes, correct me if I’m wrong, that are brand new here are the 286 and the 282 which are beautiful fibre brushes for shadow blending and application. I love the 286 which is a longer, thinner blending brush that fits beautifully in my crease. The 282 also proves a very lovely little dome headed shadow brush. It’s tiny but it can do intricate work on your lid in a snap.

I’m not particularly impressed with the glittery brush handles. They feel a little too 1980’s I brought a Color Workshop Brush Set at CVS, get my drift? These have a sparkly dose of silver glitter suspended in a clear handle but instead of coming across fun and festive they just feel a tad cheesy.

MAC is normally very generous about gifting us with makeup bags for these sets that have an elegant, well made feel however the clear bag with the odd cushy silver circle just comes across odd. They are trying to hard to push the sci-fi Christmas theme on us here. I find the circle is just cumbersome particularly because it’s not centered and the edges hang off to the top.

The value is here as it’s $49.50 working out to $10 per an item, I’m counting the bag, or $12.30 per a brush. Working it out at $12.30 per a brush you can see the obvious savings here as the 187 full size will set you back $42 alone. The only slight difference about the 187 mini versus the full size is I felt the bristles felt a little bit softer than the full size but outside of that quality is here without shedding issues, a scratchy feel, or a lack of density.

Overall, packaging on the set is a cop out but the actual brushes prove priceless. I liked them alot and felt like they were worth picking up. They’d get a Muse Approval if the packaging was a bit better.

Even if you feel like you’ve overindulged in MAC Holiday Brushes in the past and want to skip out this year I do suggest grabbing this one up particularly if you’re a fibre fan.


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  • 10/27/11 21:53 BooBooNinja:

    I echo your statement that “the packaging is a cop out”. I saw the MAC sets and kits on display a couple of weeks ago and thought the packaging and handles were tacky. I thought that at least the handles would be water and glitter-filled. More like a real snow globe. That would be gimmicky, but at least would be cool!


    • 10/28/11 11:57 the Muse:

      water filled would be nice but for me they are just tacky but the brushes, VERY nice!


      • 10/28/11 16:35 BooBooNinja:

        It’s good to know that the brushes themselves are functionally good. Even though I suggested water-filled handles, I wouldn’t buy those either. heh heh.


  • 10/28/11 13:50 Sol:

    Hi there! I was wondering which one of the three sets would be better for a beginner?? Which one u like most and iis worth buying in your opinion?
    I really appreciate ur help, tks


    • 10/28/11 14:17 the Muse:

      Hi Sol I actually approved this one, I liked it the best. They make a great set for a beginner makeup artist as it has a nice range of eye and face brushes :)


  • 10/28/11 16:05 Logan:

    If I seen these minus the mac name I’d think they were cheapo brushes. The handles remind me of those crappy little brush sets I use to get as a kid. Even the packaging looks kinda cheap to me.


  • 10/28/11 23:00 Valerie:

    It is the only thing I purchase from the holiday collection. I like all the brushes but my S187 does shed a lot! As for the eyes shadow brush it is a big thumb up!!!! I used them for my Le Metier de Beaute eye shadows and it was a dream to applied them 😀


  • 10/29/11 0:40 Josh :D:

    Lol @ The Color Workshop reference! <3


    • 10/31/11 10:17 the Muse:



  • 10/29/11 3:20 deb:

    I guess I’m the oddball but I love the lucite handles with the glitter! I bought this set and it arrived today. I agree the best set of the bunch and I love the smaller stipping brush for cream shadows. The bag is stupid though with that silver thing sticking up, haha!


    • 10/29/11 3:21 deb:

      I’m meant to say cream blushes, not shadows, oops!


  • 10/29/11 4:37 Anne:

    I don’t like the handles either but I love the white-tipped brushes! They look like a snow leopard’s tail or something.


  • 10/29/11 5:05 Rona:

    I wish they didn’t look so tacky! Look like something you’d get in a dollar store!


  • 10/30/11 15:19 Comrade Garlic:

    They look so cheap. Like some of the fake MAC sets you find on Ebay or at the flea market.


  • 2/2/13 11:26 Lin:

    I’ve found the clear plastic bags that come with the kit useful for holding my nail polishes. I don’t use it for the brushes and too small for my makeup stash. Question, your kit is made in China for MAC right? Do you know if all the MAC brush kits are made in China? Thanks!


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