Partyin’ Down with the Bobbi Brown Ultimate Party Palette

Whoa, the Bobbi Brown Ultimate Party Palette looks huge but it’s so teeny tiny compared to Bobbi’s normal palette sizes…travel friendly!

  • 10/6/11 9:31 Maisie Lau:

    Definitely getting this! Gorgeous!


  • 10/6/11 10:05 kiwikiwidragon:



  • 10/6/11 16:07 Suzanne:

    this palette is definitely smaller than some of the holiday palettes in the past…


    • 10/6/11 16:15 the Muse:

      def! I like it! but I need to compare the shadows sizes from last year to this year lol!


  • 10/18/11 22:20 jeansco:

    each shadow size is only about 2/3 of last year’s Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette. i was a bit disappointed when i saw it at Nordstrom..=( i liked all the colours, but i just couldn’t justify paying around the same price buy getting less!


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