Sephora Pink Collection for BCA

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual international campaign that takes place every October. This month raises awareness about Breast Cancer and helps educate us about the cause, prevention, treatment, and cure.

Hopefully you’ve taken some time out to donate to your favorite charity! If you haven’t chosen a charity you can always indulge in beauty favorites from various brands which offer proceeds of their sales to various charities.

This year, Sephora has created a range of beauty products which donates some proceeds of the sale of each item to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Sephora Pop Up Brush $10
A pop-up travel brush featuring a Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon.

Sephora Pink Eyelash Curler $16
A precision eyelash curler.

Sephora Perfect Pink Brush Set $60
An elegant, all-in-one boxed ensemble of professional-quality makeup brushes.


  • Powder brush (natural hair)
  • Foundation brush (synthetic hair)
  • Double-sided eye shadow-and-smudge brush (natural hair)
  • Double-side brow-and-eyeliner brush (natural/synthetic hair)
  • Double-sided concealer-and-lip brush (synthetic/natural hair)

Sephora Color Flip $15
A compact with three tiers of color, including eye shadows, lip glosses, a bronzer, and a blush.


  • 8 eye shadows (nudes, pinks and smoky browns and purple)
  • 8 lip glosses (nudes and pinks)
  • 1 bronzer
  • 1 blush (warm gold and bubble pink)

All of these items are available now at Sephora stores or online at

  • 10/11/11 11:26 divinem (Melissa):

    Yuk, none of these appeal to me. I generally dislike Sephora brand products.


  • 10/11/11 20:27 Megan:

    I have one of their other Color Flip palettes, and I love it! I might have to check this one out. :)


  • 10/12/11 10:59 LaurieS:

    Anyone know how much of a percentage of profits are actually going to breast cancer research? I hate seeing all these pink items everywhere I go and IMO cashing in on the breast cancer awareness month. I don’t know why but something about it really bothers me.


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