And then the true meaning of Christmas came through….

And the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches, plus two! And now that his heart didn’t feel quite so tight, He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light With a smile to his soul, he descended Mount Crumpit Cheerily blowing “Who! Who!” on his trumpet.

He road into Whoville. He brought back their toys. He brought back their floof to the Who girls and boys. He brought back their snoof and their tringlers and fuzzles, Brought back their pantookas, their dafflers and wuzzles.

He brought everything back, all the food for the feast!

And he, he himself, the Grinch wore this very cute pair of chucks while doing it all!

  • 11/30/11 10:04 Doanne:

    Can I just say how jealous I am right now? ^_^


    • 11/30/11 10:07 the Muse:



  • 12/1/11 0:09 Ruth:

    I’ve been wearing my pair of these everywhere this past week; I feel so saucy wearing them! Also, at Old Navy they have a green grinch shirt with maxx, so I had to get that too to wear with my shoes. I’m such a dork that I wore them both when shopping the other night for a new christmas tree.


  • 12/2/11 1:18 Ashe:

    Because of these posts, I went and bought the Lorax low-tops and the Green Eggs and Ham high-tops. Looove Dr. Seuss, these shoes are so cute!

    I also love the boxes they come in!


  • 12/3/11 17:02 Lisa:

    Loving these!! Where can I find a pair like this?!!!!


    • 12/7/11 15:26 Ashe: :)


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