Bath & Body Works All I Want Liplicious Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Guys, I swear to the Makeup Gods I didn’t pay one red penny for these new Bath & Body All I Want Liplicious Lipglosses.

Aren’t you proud of me? Considering half my life savings has gone to the Liplicious Collection I’m kinda sorta chuffed that I didn’t pay for these. Getting press samples of Liplicious Lipgloss is my equivalent to winning the lotto.


Bath & Body Works introduced the All I Want Liplicious Collection for the Holidays as each little gloss is decked out in a ribbon with a gift tag. Cutes eh?

After my Halloween haul of every single gloss created at BBW I swore to myself I wouldn’t indulge again until V-Day but now I feel like I need the rest of these little pieces of joy. But I’m pretty sure by now Bath & Body Works has enforced a law that if I should walk into their shop to buy any of these glosses that they can say no to me…kinda like the McDonalds “underwear goes inside the pants” policy, they don’t enforce it really strictly, but technically it’s on the books.

Sadly, these glosses are a bit on the sheer side and they don’t technically wear incredibly long but they are tasty, have a glossy shine, and happen to be a fond favorite of not only me but many!

I tried Snickerdoodle Squeeze which tastes like a freshly baked Snickerdoodle Cookie and has a golden shimmer and Gingerbread Giggle which tastes like a warm, spicy slice of Gingerbread and has a beige-y pink shimmer.

I personally love these and look forward to each seasonal release that Bath & Body Works puts out!

Get ’em now at your local shop for $8 each or buy any two and get two free. If you’re greedy get the All I Want Lipgloss Set which includes all five flavors in mini form for $16.50.

Are you a Liplicious addict?


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 11/17/11 11:15 Tanya:

    Haha. I told myself something similar but I caved in the other day and bought the mini set which I LOVE.


    • 11/17/11 11:18 the Muse:

      LOL tanya ;-D story of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!


  • 11/17/11 23:06 Quinctia:

    Hmm…it’s getting too close to Christmas for me to have any business even thinking about entering our mall. (I hate crowds.)

    On the other hand, I don’t own any of these and I have such a love for ginger/gingerbread anything, it’s not even funny. (My BPAL box is basically divided into sweets/gingers with a couple other random scents to round it out.)


    • 11/18/11 15:16 the Muse:

      ditto! online shopping rocks ;-D


  • 11/20/11 14:10 Coquette in Paris:

    Ugh, yeah, I officially miss BBW…. who cares about the color? I’m in it for the smell :)


  • 11/21/11 1:59 Tiffany:

    i love snickerdoodle squeeze! But i sadlylost it and now i must replace it and buy a back up because lately ive been losing a lot of my liplicious glosses :{ the lip gloss gods r playing tricks on me and its not fun! lol


  • 11/21/11 2:43 Ruthless:

    I like B&BW room oil scents but the scent of their lipglosses is just too strong and synthetic for me-I was tempted to pick up some of the balm pots today though


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