Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off

Don’t forget that CVS has Buy 1, Get 1 50% all this week on Revlon Cosmetics. This makes for a great time to haul the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters I recently reviewed.

Don’t go crazy if you can’t find them at your CVS simply head to the nearest cash register and ask them for a raincheck. You can use the raincheck at a later date (most expire within two to three years) to grab them when they come in stock at your neighborhood store at the sale price. Sometimes they limit you to four per a raincheck but if you ask nice enough they might give you two for four pieces each or eight total on one raincheck.

Hope this helps!

Happy Shoppin’!

  • 11/8/11 19:03 Sophia:

    Do you know if this offer is available in the UK? We don’t have CVS stores here :( xoo


    • 11/8/11 19:08 the Muse:

      hi sophia it’s for cvs stores only hun plus these aren’t even available yet in the UK, sorry :-/


  • 11/8/11 19:40 diane:

    I hauled 6..but one is for my friend. Got sugar frosting, lollipop, red velvet, sweet tart, and cotton candy. I need the rest. Love love love these!!!


  • 11/9/11 0:15 Jenn:

    I bought mine today at CVS…but they seemed overpriced to me. 7.49 or 7.99 for one? If it hadn’t been 1/2 off for the second one I don’t know if I’d buy them without a sale. :-/ I really like them though!


    • 11/9/11 9:24 the Muse:

      sigh that sucks as I got them for $5.79 I agree near $8 bucks is a bit much!


      • 11/9/11 9:43 Jenn:

        Agreed :-/ But I would like 2 other colors I saw, I may splurge and take advantage of the sale now if I can find the colors. Going to scout a little, see what I find…hehe.


        • 11/9/11 9:49 the Muse:

          try bed bath and beyond ;-D!


  • 11/9/11 15:58 Kimryan8:

    Thank you! I just got 2 on my lunch hour today. CVS only had 1 of each color left. I love! Thank you for the sale tip!


    • 11/9/11 16:01 the Muse:

      yay awesome kim! enjoy! got a raincheck too?


  • 11/9/11 18:00 Kimryan8:

    No, I got the 2 I wanted. So happy, I love the Cherry Tart!


  • 11/9/11 21:24 jenny:

    wow these are absolutely stunning! i ran to CVS and bought sweet tart, cherry tart and red velvet. convinced the lady to give me my 3rd one 50% off bc they were out of stock of almost all of them (which i guess is less hassle then a rain check). WOWZA is all i have to say… Time to replace my Chanel Coco Rouge in Evasion.


  • 11/11/11 17:09 Heather:

    I’m all over the internet currently scouring blogs and reviews just so I can keep looking at these pretty jewels of lip loveliness! I scored the very last Red Velvet in the 2 displays that were at my Walgreen’s. I’m glad I restrained and only bought the one(which I knew enough to just scoop up as it’s a coveted color) and will head to CVS later to take advantage of the sale. Thanks for that information!

    Love this product(which is saying something as I’m normally a higher end brand lipstick shopper for various reasons)


  • 11/18/11 22:35 Vee:

    I am on the hunt for these little goodies. Which CVS did you find these at? I can not find any in the several Rite Aid or CVS I went to. I heard BB&B has it, do you know if the one in Manhattan carries it?


  • 12/9/11 5:32 Eileen:

    I don’t know where to find these I live in southern california in the inland empire and our stores dont have, if anyone knows where I can find plz let me know thx


  • 5/10/12 8:16 megha:

    where can i buy it in india??


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