Shu Uemura 20% Off Coupon Code 2011

Now is a good time to replace your Shu Curler (damn them for not creating refill pads) as your order of $50 or more gets you 20% off the total plus Free Shipping at


  • 11/28/11 11:57 Sara:

    While I wanna try the cult eyelash curler….I don’t have fifty bucks worth of Shu that I want. Was kinda hoping this would be a straight 20%… ah well.

    Do you use the Shu curler?


    • 11/28/11 11:58 the Muse:

      yeah my hg ;-D maybe add a little cleansing oil in to tip it to $50?


  • 11/28/11 21:36 nicolle:

    Thanks for this! Now I can finally get a couple items I have been wanting and not feel so guilty about it :)


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