3LAB Perfect BB Cream SPF 40 PA+++

More news on the BB Cream front comes from 3LAB today. Not sure what a BB Cream is? Read here for more deets!

3LAB Perfect BB Cream SPF 40 PA+++ launched earlier this month and is available in three shades (light, medium, and dark) for…wait for it…a whooping $95.

This has to be the most expensive BB Cream I’ve ever lemmed!

Take a peek!

Infused with 3LAB’s signature bio-engineered growth hormone and apple stem cell technology this is a sheer tinted moisturizer designed regenerate new skin cells, brighten, moisturize, and protect the skin with a hint of sheer color. A proprietary blend featuring Beta White, a biomimetic peptide that whitens, provides added benefits to illuminate the skin.

“In developing our newest product, we wanted to extend beyond pure treatment and offer our clients a protective moisturizer that could provide light coverage while still delivering the superior benefits of our skin care products,” commented Erica Chung, Co-Founder and Creator of 3LAB. “We have had many requests for a tinted moisturizer, but we wanted to make sure we could incorporate our state-of-the-art anti-aging ingredients into a color formula that would meet the expectations our customers have come to expect. We are confident that PERFECT BB CREAM SPF 40 will deliver.”

Key Features and Benefits include:

  • Protects the skin from harmful UV rays and oxidative stress.
  • Soothes and calms irritated skin.
  • Regenerates cells through the use of Phytocell Tec and Nano Clair GY.
  • Minimizes the appearance of skin discoloration evens out skin tone.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin with a light feel.
  • Effectively treats fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Provides great coverage for age spots and blemishes.

Key Ingredients Include:

  • Nano-Claire GY works as “hormone replacement therapy” for the skin.
  • PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, stem cells from a rare Swiss Apple that have been proven to delay the aging process.
  • Beta White, an innovative biomimetic peptide that is encapsulated in a liposome vehicle that whitens skin by decreasing proteins involved in the pigmentation process thereby inhibiting melanin synthesis.
  • E-Mortal, a hydrolyzed Pea Protein that activates stem cells/skin ells and promotes collagen production, clinically proven to effectively reduce wrinkles.
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside stimulates collagen synthesis from fibroblasts and acts as a potent skin-whitening agent by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin.
  • Vitamin E to help prevent free radical damage.
  • Sedaplant Richter, an herbal extract that soothes skin and reduces irritation.

Needless to say I must try a BB Cream that costs $95.

Whatcha think?

Available now at www.3lab.com and Nordstrom.com

  • 12/29/11 14:38 Sara:

    My brain scrambled after counting eleven silicone listings on that ingredients label. Will the magical powers in the rest of the BB cream fix the cysty breakouts and scars from all the pore-clogging goodness? 😉

    I await your review (if you get it) with anticipation and envy. I wanna enjoy BB creams! And this one sounds like a doozy. The on a company to put a hundred dollar price tag on a foundation/cream….


  • 12/29/11 14:44 Courtney:

    E-Mortal. Really? For $95 it’d better my my skin glow and do the dishes!


  • 12/29/11 14:51 Angie Twe:

    Wow, $95 ?! %#(&#@%@O*@#$I!@@


  • 12/29/11 15:02 Deb:

    This my beauty hilarity for the day! $95 for a BB cream…..yeah, no thanks. But best of all, I can’t stop giggling at the “stem cells from the rare Swiss Apple” part. WTF?? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Seriously, the clams from cosmetic companies are getting more outlandish all the time. And the great part is if you read the claims very closely they don’t tell you exactly to what degree you are reaping these miracle benefits. I’m getting a kick out of seeing how more and more creative the marketing departments can get without actually crossing the line in promising things they can’t deliver. Thanks for sharing this Muse….I needed some light hearted giggles in my day :)


  • 12/29/11 15:21 catazure:

    At that price tag and with all of the silicones I’ll wait for some Muse Judgement before I buy:)


    • 12/29/11 15:27 the Muse:



  • 12/29/11 15:27 kiwikiwidragon:

    Wow, after taking a look at the site, the BB cream is one of the cheaper products. Moisturizers range from $485-285-ish. Too rich for my blood!!


  • 12/29/11 15:52 Amy:

    Oh wow. There are great foundations for a fraction of that price. This BB cream better be good. Can’t wait for your review!


  • 12/29/11 20:28 Audris:

    The founder sounds like she tacitly admitted to naming her fancy tinted moisturiser a BB cream. Which aren’t the same!


  • 12/29/11 22:48 Miss_Silk:

    Aaaahhh yes….more BB Cream, wonderful ^^

    Unfortunately I do not have the cash to fork out and purchase this…….

    Can’t wait for a review and hopefully if it’s good, I’ll have a new goal jar set in place for that ^^


  • 12/29/11 23:45 Noelle:

    SHUT UP! holy crap!
    That is just RIDICULOUS, it makes me type in caps lol
    I really cannot believe how expensive that is for one product..


  • 12/30/11 2:35 Corrina:

    I’d love to read a review if you get it! I’m lemming one that’s around $60 (Erborian) I got a sample a while ago and I loved it, but haven’t bitten the bullet and bought it yet hehe! xx


  • 12/30/11 3:47 Quinctia:

    If someone found BB creams THAT wonderful, wouldn’t the improvement found by jumping to a $100 price point be negligable?


  • 1/22/12 22:14 Em:

    I saw this at my local Nordstrom. Was happy to see it comes in 3 colors. When I asked the price, my eyes popped out of my head!! I just thank the nice SA and walked away in disbelief. I’ll stick to my Korean BB creams!!


  • 2/5/12 16:35 Sierra:

    I’ve actually used it, and I love it! I have extremely oily skin, and I have yet to find a tinted moisturizer that doesn’t make me look like an oil slick (even the glorious Laura Mercier oil-free ones don’t work for me) and this BB Cream is great! It gives a great amount of covereage, and even works well as a primer. I like it best for my days off when a full face of makeup isn’t on my to-do list. The price tag is a bit heavy, but if you can comfortably afford it, it is definitely worth the price.


  • 2/9/12 15:26 Kelly:

    If it works as well as the skin care line I’m IN! My skin never looked better after using the HGH cream.


  • 2/20/12 23:01 Tracy:

    3lab’s BB cream is THE BEST BB cream I’ve ever tried!
    It provides great coverage, and it’s not cakey and the skin feels very natural. I get a natural glow after application.


  • 2/20/12 23:04 Tracy:

    It’s really worth the money.
    Why paid little for a BB cream that didn’t work? In the long run, you’ll end up stocking cheap BB cream that didn’t work and the money you’ve paid all together would equal the price of 3lab’s BB cream!
    3lab’s BB cream, though expensive, it’s worth the investment – if you are result-oriented.


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