Boots Hello Kitty Liberty Collection

Santa all I want for Christmas is the Boots Hello Kitty Liberty Collection so when you stop over in old London Town this Christmas Eve don’t forget to pick me up a few goodies.

k, love ya lots!

P.S. All that talk about me being naughty this year is such rubbish. I am SO good.

Boots Hello Kitty Liberty Collection anyone?

Hello Kitty meets London’s iconic brand Liberty to create this truly special collection. Collaborating with Boots and Hello Kitty, Liberty has created an array of beauty, accessories, and other cute offerings!

Hello Kitty Liberty Hello Eyes Compact £8

Hello Kitty Liberty Eye Love Hello Kitty Smoky Eye Kit £12

Hello Kitty Liberty Lip Trio £6

Hello Kitty Liberty Nail Gift Set £10

Hello Kitty Liberty Hello Hands Wash and Cream Duo £10

You can drool over the collection at or shop it if you’re in the UK, lucky you!

  • 12/21/11 14:34 Lily:

    You had me at hello kitty lol
    The hand wash/ cream set and smokey eye set are sooo cute!


  • 12/21/11 15:25 Nana:

    wah! So cheap for what Hello Kitty stuff usually prices at


  • 12/21/11 19:46 Kelly:

    So adorable! Especially the Hello Hands Wash and Cream Duo!


  • 12/21/11 20:25 Malice:

    Omg I want them all!!!!


  • 12/21/11 21:16 Eve:

    That hand wash/cream is just awesome! I’m so jelly!


  • 12/22/11 11:12 Ana:

    so. freaking. cute! being a lip product junkie i’ve got a serious craving for the lip trio! i must have it! 😀


  • 12/22/11 11:53 dementia:

    darn! I wish we have Boots here :(


  • 12/22/11 14:06 Audris:

    Not a Hello Kitty fan but the packaging is so classy and the prices SO RIGHT.


  • 12/23/11 5:49 Donna:

    I need the nail polish and the hand duo. SO cute.


  • 12/24/11 0:28 Cristi:

    It all looks SO nice! Loves!


  • 12/9/13 19:20 Anthonnet Thombs:

    OMG these hello kitty collections are so gorgeous I love them


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