Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Mousse Foundation Revlon Photo Ready Sculpting Blush Palette

Revlon has two brand new products to add to their Photo Ready Collection which is a brand new blush and a blush palette.

Have a look!

Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Mousse Foundation sounds interesting however I don’t really love the regular Photo Ready Foundation so not sure how excited I am about this one. However, Photo Ready Foundation does have a bit of a cult following so this may be the next great thing in drugstore foundation for some folks.

I was quite surprised to see Emma Stone in the promo images for Revlon. I hadn’t realized she was doing anything with them. She looks quite fresh and flawless in the photos for the product.

Revlon Photo Ready Sculpting Blush Palette are also new and feature three shades of contrasting blushes to contour, highlight, and shade with.

What do you think?

Either product worth a haul for you?

  • 12/5/11 11:28 Cj:

    I love Emma Stone 😀


    • 12/5/11 11:49 the Muse:

      me too! she’s a cutie!


  • 12/5/11 11:43 Molly:

    aghh! there are so many awesome drugstore products coming out! I am gonna be BROKE!


  • 12/5/11 12:04 Amber:

    I love Emma Stone too :) She was in some of the Revlon Lip Butter ads, I think she was sporting the Peach Parfait shade.


    • 12/5/11 12:05 the Muse:

      really? I didn’t notice that!


  • 12/5/11 12:37 Coral:

    I’ve had awesome luck with Revlon foundations. I also have a whole stash I still have to go through, so I’ll be holding off on these till I have thinned down what I have now. And, course, I read good reviews about these.


  • 12/5/11 13:08 Courtney:

    I may have to try the foundation. Love Emma Stone btw, she is adorable.


  • 12/5/11 16:24 Tiffany:

    im gonna deff pick up the blush palette , but all these new products is really making it hard for me to save up for my make up forever Fluo Night Black Light Pigment


  • 12/5/11 17:10 Kelly:

    I’ve heard amazing things about most Revlon foundation but never tried one. That is because first of all I don’t wear foundation that often and secondly it’s hard to find Revlon in The Netherlands.


  • 12/5/11 18:32 CK:

    Wow, can’t believe it’s out! I read about it in an interview with Emma Stone and have been looking forward to reading reviews.

    On a semi-unrelated note: What drugstores do you go to Musey? The ones in my neighborhood are painfully behind the times (the Lip Butters are still not out yet! Wtheck?) so I don’t expect to be seeing these around anytime soon :(


  • 12/5/11 21:37 Mara:

    Oh that seems interesting! Would be interesting to try, but I’m so DUMB with picking out foundation color, lol. I’m 115 in Makeup Forever HD one, and I only know that because I had to have the lady at Sephora help me, lol.


  • 12/5/11 22:31 Bailey:

    I’m a sucker for “mousse” products. I’ll likely snap the foundation up it I come across it.


  • 12/21/11 12:03 AndiPanda:

    I tried the foundation. Ick, waaaay too sparkley. It looked like I walked right out of a Twilight movie.


  • 1/3/12 16:08 Katie:

    I tried the sulpting palette in 001 Pink and was not impressed at all. Did not swatch well. When i tried to swatch no product was coming up and when i used it this morning it was very light on my skin. I have an average complextion so maybe it will work better on someone with lighter skin.
    Other than that I recommend the New primer and 3D volume mascara!


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