Stila Love At First Blush Palette

Here’s a little gander at the new Stila Love at First Blush Palette launching from Stila for Spring 2012.

Loves it?

This whimsical, multicolor blush has a subtle hint of shimmer and is embossed with sweet little hearts. Three wearable shades of pink make up the color selection and a delicate pearl shimmer finish creates a soft glow on cheeks and face.

But the best part?

The $14 price tag.

Loves that alot.

Available soon from Stila.

  • 12/28/11 17:42 Candee:

    Love it! This color scheme is more up my alley.


  • 12/28/11 19:19 Lulee:

    hmmmm the one last year was amazing, i donno bout the shade of this one. will probably get it anyway #makeupwhore


  • 12/28/11 19:37 Angelica W:

    Stila blush, you shall be mine. I loved last year’s palette. I wouldn’t have tried it last year if it hadn’t been for your review. :)
    Let us know when it’s released! Hopefully there will be free shipping like last year. 😀


    • 12/29/11 10:49 the Muse:

      ha angelica ;-D brilliant! that was a cool purchase wasn’t it? and yup, I’m dreaming of free shipping too chica! 😀


  • 12/28/11 19:51 Coral:

    So pretty!!! That may be a must even though I finally received my new Milani blushes in the mail.


  • 12/28/11 21:06 Sasha:

    Oh, I will have to order it!


  • 12/28/11 22:13 Mallory:

    I have a lot of colors like this already but I feel like I must get it because I have the other Stila heart embossed blush!


  • 12/29/11 4:41 Andrea:

    So cute and so tempting…!


  • 12/29/11 10:08 Carrie:

    Want! Color is right up my alley and so is the price!


  • 12/29/11 23:39 Aging_Beauty:

    I want a matching Lip Glaze! :(


  • 1/4/12 21:14 Randi:

    This looks so pretty! I got the Stila heart blush for valentines last year and it was a bit too gold, but I cannot wait to try this. Stila and Too Faced are my faves!


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