Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Back in Stock

Go, grab it, now!

It’s back in stock at UrbanDecay.com

  • 12/6/11 11:24 Miss D:

    This is a little off topic Muse, but I just received another sweet deal in the mail from Sephora. It is a $20 off card that can be used on any purchase over $50. Just thought you’d like to do a quick post on this. Thanks! :)


    • 12/6/11 11:33 the Muse:

      hi miss yup :) alot of folks already got ’em :) I got mine last week! I didn’t post since the codes are all different and not everyone can use it so seemed pointless to tell people if they couldn’t use it :(


  • 12/6/11 11:51 Lauren:

    I reeeeallly wanna get this palette, but I’m in Canada and Urban Decay doesn’t cater to Canadians :( I spoke to a local Sephora employee last week who told me they’re getting the Naked 2 palette in APRIL! That’s freaking ridiculous!! No fair, Urban Decay :(


  • 12/6/11 14:52 Susan Lewis:

    Bought two!


  • 12/6/11 15:09 tab:

    Not in stock anymore… just sold out! Luckily I grabbed one in time!


  • 12/11/11 16:29 evelyn:

    wow I would love to try these out!


  • 12/16/11 21:01 Cybelle Oliveira:

    I wanna win!
    FB: Cybelle Oliveira


  • 12/26/11 0:03 Synthia:

    Sephora will actually be getting the Naked 2 late January. Not sure of the exact dates, but April was significantly wrong. Dotcom will get it sooner than that though.


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