Boots No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream

Boots has introduced a new BB Cream to their No7 Collection in England. This is great news because Target currently sells much of the Boots No7 Collection so I imagine by Summer we’ll see the new Beautiful Skin BB Cream.

Take a look!

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream comes in three variations one for Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily, and one for Dry to Very Dry Skin. This comes in fair and medium shades with a 3 in 1 formula that promises to enhance your normal skin tone while banishing blemishes.

These are £12.95 for 1.3 oz tubes and are available now at Boots UK and hopefully later this Summer at Target. Cross your fingers!

  • 1/9/12 11:57 Stelladiva:

    I’m visiting England right now so I just might stop in Boots!


  • 1/9/12 12:06 Musebeliever:

    No7 products are usually pretty good ! Can’t wait for this one. 😉


  • 1/9/12 12:40 Comrade Garlic:

    Lisa Eldridge used this in a video a couple months back. It looked good on her, but she has good skin to begin with. It didn’t look like it did much for her dark circles. But it did seem to sit on the skin nicely. I’m excited to try it. Knowing my local Target stores it will be next year before it shows up.


  • 1/9/12 14:11 Musebeliever:

    Stelladiva > Yes you must stop in Boots ! O.O


    • 1/14/12 12:08 Stelladiva:

      Darn! The boots I stopped in didn’t have this! I normally stop in one of the larger boots because it’s a great place to browse around for makeup and skincare that isn’t available here. But this was a smaller boots.


  • 1/9/12 22:39 Melissa:

    if target doesn’t have it – i bet will. Ive found their site pretty great and well stocked.


  • 1/31/12 8:35 Ani:

    Hello from London,
    I’ve got this. Not good. Way to foundationy, look like I’ve really piled on the makeup and lacks moisture even though I got the one for dry skin. It also doesn’t have the illuminating effect of some other BB Creams. So disappointed :( xox


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