Left Over Noms from Lunar New Year!

Open up, we can nom them hard together!

  • 1/24/12 16:20 Tammie:

    I’ll “nom” on my new years rice cake instead :). Love that stuff, I always get one right after LNY at the Chinese market (OK, and I picked up some MBD Arbutin Whitening Masks, Kose Lotion in Cotton things and another Hadanomy spray too :D).

    In the past they’ve gone bad really quickly, so this time I cut it up into “cubes” and put them in plastic containers…I hope they keep longer ‘cuz they are a great treat…just toss a few “cubes” in a bowl, microwave for a minute or so and enjoy a chewy/chewy treat 😀


    • 1/24/12 16:30 the Muse:

      rice cake! so good ;-D enjoy! wish I was around ;-D to eat some! w00t nice haul! 😀


      • 1/24/12 17:17 Tammie:

        Good stuff indeed :). I get the brown sugar flavored one~. You’re welcome to share with me, if you come to California ;).

        Thanks! I am happy because the lotion/cotton things and the Hadanomy spray was on sale 😀


  • 1/24/12 16:24 Tammie:

    *chewy/gooey treat


    • 1/24/12 16:29 the Muse:



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