L’Occitane en Provence Cherry Princess for Spring 2012

LOccitane en Provence Cherry Princess for Spring 2012

Ahh L’Occitane you slay me!

Your new Cherry Princess Collection brings together the delicate scent of the cherry tree blossom in a new limited edition fruity, floral scent this Spring.

Cherry Princess is formulated with cherry extract and has a sweet underlay making it the ideal Spring scent!

It launches January 30th and I highly urge you to check it out, it smells incredible!

Bookmark usa.loccitane.com and check later this month for the official launch!

  • 1/18/12 14:00 Candee:

    I’ll have to smell it first. I’m very picky about my fragrances.


  • 1/18/12 14:53 cat:

    L’Occitane products are always packaged adorably but I’ve yet to find a product I really like. They usually get used a few times and then sit somewhere collecting dust.


  • 1/18/12 20:02 Jeweled Thumb:

    Do we know if this is anything like their Cherry EDT they brought out a couple years ago? My mom loved that!


    • 1/19/12 10:47 the Muse:

      sweeter Jeweled Thumb :) much sweeter!


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