MAC Vera Neumann Collection

Here’s a little at peek at the MAC Vera Neumann Collection upcoming this Spring.

Take a peek!

MAC Vera Neumann Crushed Metallic Pigment (LE)


  • Lantern Light (Metallic gold/bronze)
  • Campfire (Rich copper)
  • Shifting Sands (Metallic champagne)
  • Aloha (Dirt cocoa brown)

Strawberry Patch

  • Star Crystal (Pink champagne)
  • Rose Light (Metallic yellow pink)
  • Strawberry Patch (Light blue pink)
  • Moon Rose (Bright dark pink)

Butterfly Party

  • Butterfly Party (Bright lilac)
  • Desert Cloud (Deep blue purple)
  • Rain Drop (Metallic teal)
  • Moss Garden (Metallic silver green)

MAC Vera Neumann Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner

  • Load It Up (Bronze with pearl)
  • Industrial (Periwinkle grey)
  • Designer Purple (Iridescent violet)
  • Undercurrent (Teal with pearl)
  • Petrol Blue (Deep navy with pearl)
  • Black Swan (Black with pearl)
  • Black Line (Black with gold pearl)

MAC Vera Neumann Nail Lacquer

  • Midsummer’s Dream (Pale pink lilac)
  • Play Day (Pale milky coral)


MAC Vera Neumann Pearl Matte Face Powder (LE)

  • Sunday Afternoon (Clean bright pink/bright clean fuchsia/soft pale pink with white pearl)
  • Flower Fantasy (Pale coral with slight gold pearl/slightly blue pale pink/soft pale salmon)

MAC Vera Neumann Plushglass

  • Fashion Fanatic (Creamy pale pink)
  • Pretty Plush (Extra soft pink with white pearl)
  • Confetti (Bright orange with soft pearl)
  • On A Holiday (Bright pink with blue pearl)
  • Butterfly Dream (Mid-tone violet with blue pearl)

Looks pretty Spring-y doesn’t it?

I’m quite excited about the Plushglass as I generally like this formula and I love the Crushed Piggies and I see at least two of those stacks that I want.

Whatcha think?

info/images via beauty scene

  • 1/17/12 14:04 Ruth:

    ohmygoodness! IGottaHaveThoseBlushes! *squee* I’ve turned into such a blush wh0re as of late! isn’t it fun??


    • 1/17/12 14:06 the Muse:

      ha ;-D loving cute blushes too at the mom Ruth ;D!


  • 1/17/12 14:05 Smugnificent:

    I’ve said I will avoid MAC collections because of LE that I fell in love with and cannot find afterwards but these are amazing! I want 2 of 3 pigments’ stacks and the powders are gorgeous and I like 2-3 plushglass. I am doomed. So sping-y!


  • 1/17/12 14:06 Cj:

    Yay new Mac!! Im interested in those pearl matte face powders, The pink one looks absolutely gorgeous. Pretty Plush plush glass also looks good. Also is fashion fanatic a repromote? I think I have it but I’m not @ my house to check lol


    • 1/17/12 14:11 the Muse:

      oh good question! have to check the stash!


  • 1/17/12 14:10 Cosmetics Aficionado:



  • 1/17/12 14:35 Michelle:

    Wow! Vera! I remember my mom having Vera fabric, or dresses, or a purse or something. Now that really dates me! :) The face powder is to die for! I love it when MAC has a retro theme to their collections.


    • 1/17/12 17:18 Jane:

      Nah, it doesn’t date you. I inherited all of my grandma’s Vera scarves, and they’re just classic. If only they’d bring back the clothing!


  • 1/17/12 14:46 Vera:

    oh god. i only own 1 MAC product & i’m fine w/it as MAC is way expensive where i’m from ($60 for a single pan ES, no way), but…. those face powders have Vera on them. and my name is Vera. OH NO. so tempted so tempted!


    • 1/17/12 16:31 Michelle:

      You don’t have a choice…in your case you MUST get them! LOL :)


  • 1/17/12 14:59 Amandale:

    The pigment stacks looks like theres something for everyone, loving the plushglasses, but waiting to see swatches of the powders cause matte…sometimes means chalky, hope not though ^_^


  • 1/17/12 15:05 winni:

    Oh my goodness I want those face powders! I haven’t bought much makeup lately so I think it is time to treat myself! Thank you for the preview, I know I haven’t commented much (been busy with new baby); but you are very appreciated!


  • 1/17/12 15:07 Kylie:

    So SO exctied for this one. my three fav formulas (crushed piggies, pearlglide intense and plushglass) in on collection! I feel like they could have done more with the pearlmatte powders… not as cute as I expected.


  • 1/17/12 15:22 Alexandra:

    This actually looks like a really pretty collection! Kinda excited for it!! 😀


  • 1/17/12 15:47 KristyQ:

    Whoa…a MAC collection I’m actually a bit excited about 😉


  • 1/17/12 15:59 Stephanie C.:

    Sunday Afternoon is so so pretty! I love the name as well! I’m definitely going to save my MAC gift card for that! I want to use it as a blush since really love using matte blush with a shimmer highlight, or even swirled together! I wonder how it would fair all over the face too~

    Is there any idea on when this collection will be releasing? Just some time in March?


    • 1/17/12 16:21 the Muse:

      hey stephanie no word yet but sometime in march is right on! I’ll give you exact details soon :)


  • 1/17/12 16:42 Beauty and the Scientist:

    Those blushes are calling my name, but I wish they had done something fun with the packaging though… pink packaging with those butterflies…


  • 1/17/12 16:51 Dina:

    How does plushglass differ from regular ole lipglass?


    • 1/17/12 16:52 the Muse:

      feel less sticker, nicer applicator imho :)


  • 1/17/12 18:34 Sorchathorn:

    Ooo, pretty pigments. Must get the Aloha stack !


  • 1/17/12 20:42 Michaela:

    I don’t often love an entire MAC collection, but this is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. With the exception of the purple lipglass, I want ever item in it. Why do I have to be so poor??!!


  • 1/17/12 20:44 Elena:

    Eeeee! Pearlglide liners have the BEST formula! Undercurrent is one of the first things I bought from MAC, it’s super creamy, pigmented and long wearing. So excited for those.


  • 1/17/12 21:11 Candee:

    I cannot stress enough how excited I am about the return of the LE Pearlglides. Those are THE BEST eyeliners I’ve ever used. I will scoop up every single color. Repromotes included!!!!


    • 1/17/12 21:35 Carrie:

      Are any of them actually new? I thought they were all repromotes! Not that I care. I need to replace my old ones!


      • 1/17/12 21:43 Candee702:

        I only recognize a few names. TBH I was only recently turned on to them (the last time they launched). MAC’s eyeliners (excluding the PGs) are hit or miss for me. I’ve been using them sparingly since I wasn’t sure when we’d see them again. I’m so excited!!!!


  • 1/17/12 21:33 Carrie:

    yeah, pearlglide liners! I’m just about down the nub on Designer Purple and have been mourning my inability to find a dupe!

    I’ve also got an eye on some of the pigment stacks (butterfly party and strawberry patch in particular.

    This is the most excited I’ve been in a while!


  • 1/17/12 22:09 deb:

    I wonder if all the Pearlglide liners are repromotes? I have Undercurrent and Petrol Blue and love how creamy they are. I will definately pick up the gray one – Industrial.


  • 1/17/12 22:24 Melissa:

    me too me too yay pearl glides!! woohoo need the blushes too


  • 1/17/12 22:43 Hoang:

    OOH! Haha, like I need more stuff. But I LOVE the sound of the Pearl Matte Face Powders and the Plushglasses. So happy that it isn’t a collection with Mineralize everything and Lipsticks. Loving the change-up :)


  • 1/17/12 23:08 Hamster:

    Wow! I want EVERYTHING in this collection! Sooo pretty!!!


  • 1/17/12 23:28 Ester:

    PEARLGLIDES!!!!!! YES! Finally. I’ve just about run out of mine. Thank goodness.


  • 1/18/12 1:09 Mel:

    I think I’ll go after the Aloha pigment stack and the Petrol Blue eyeliner, I’m trying to get into more colored eyeliner to add more variation rather than just my normal UD Zero.


  • 1/18/12 2:21 amanda:

    Plushglass is the only thing I buy from Mac will deff get all 4 besides the purple muse do you know a launch date?


    • 1/18/12 9:02 the Muse:

      no launch date yet amanda but sometime in march is all I got ;-D!


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