Pylones Makeup Brush and Sponge: Cute or Oddly Terrifying?

I came across these rather…odd accessories at Ulta.

Pylones Makeup Brush and Sponge 3

Pylones Makeup Brush and Sponge 2

Pylones Makeup Brush and Sponge 1

What do you think?

Cute or a bit on the scary side. I can’t stare at the makeup brush for long without my eyes tearing up. Hold me.

  • 1/30/12 20:06 Tammie:

    It’s funny but I wouldn’t get these things to use…


  • 1/30/12 20:24 Nazih:

    Oddly terrifying.


  • 1/30/12 20:31 eight:

    It would be even worse if it talked D:


    • 1/30/12 20:50 the Muse:

      jesus how terribly scared, what would they say? I dunno if the odd, vacant look in their eyes terrifies me more or the fact the blush/face brush is probably scratchy as hell!


  • 1/30/12 20:44 Stephanie:

    Ahhh! … Uh, no. No no no no no. I’d have nightmares about my makeup brushes coming to life in the middle of the night.


    • 1/30/12 20:49 the Muse:

      lol rawwwr we are coming to get your Stephanie!


  • 1/30/12 21:46 Fey:

    That brush. I’ve always wanted my own Cynthia doll from Rugrats. Now I can fulfill my questionable beauty dreams of becoming Angelica Pickles.


  • 1/30/12 21:51 Jamie:

    Oh hell no….

    I can’t even imagine rubbing those bath loofahs all over me in the shower.

    Thank you no…


  • 1/30/12 22:12 kimkats:

    those have an enormous creepification factor…. no ma’am not for me thank you!


  • 1/30/12 22:31 Nana:

    Omg way too creepy!


  • 1/30/12 22:45 Mandi:

    Na-uh. Creepy.


  • 1/31/12 2:06 Melissa:

    …runs away scared


  • 1/31/12 4:07 Rawan:

    I like them!
    They are soo cute!
    I wont get the makeup brush though.. Not sure of quality
    But that pink sponge.. Cute!


  • 1/31/12 8:34 Prairie Peg:

    Personally I think they are adordable! I wouldn’t have any qualms using any of those items!


  • 1/31/12 8:50 Nikki:

    Creepy!! Dolls scare the crap out of me! There’s something about them that just freaks me out. I swear one of the loofas just moved! Haha


    • 1/31/12 12:34 Nana:



  • 1/31/12 14:00 Eleanor:

    Ha ha. Too funny. I wouldn’t mind the makeup brush, but those loofahs look pretty useless. A little kid might like them, however. Kind of like the frog loofah my DD has years ago.


  • 1/31/12 14:18 Michelle:

    Not as bad as the Paul & Joe cat-head shaped lipsticks, but still…NO.


  • 1/31/12 17:57 Kimryan8:

    Creepy Deeky.


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