Say Word, Dior Vernis Garden Party Nail Lacquer Are Scented Like Roses?

I’m almost tempted to not nibble (professional nail biter here).

The new Dior Vernis Garden Party Nail Lacquers are the first scented Dior polishes. These carry the scent of subtle and delicate roses.


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  • Forget Me Not
  • Waterlily

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  • 1/19/12 19:36 Candee:

    I’ve got these on my list. I saw swatches a couple of weeks ago. Waterlily is gorgeous.


  • 1/19/12 20:09 Lisa:

    I’m speechless, these are just gorgeous. And the Scented part reminds me of choir banquet my sophomore year. I found a no name polish that was honeysuckle scented. (it was a really pretty honeysuckle pink). So I might have to bite the bullet on these and get ‘im


  • 1/19/12 21:01 Ryou:

    If they’re anything like Anna Sui nail polishes, they’d probably smell like nail polish fume mixed with roses. That doesn’t equal yummy but more like air freshener. Poisonous, poisonous air freshener. D:


  • 1/20/12 4:05 Quinctia:

    Ehh…I can barely stand nail polishes that are scented like my favorite things. I’m not a fan of florals.


  • 1/20/12 8:50 Nana:

    Waterlilly looks soooooooo pretty~~


  • 1/20/12 11:54 Ruth:

    those colors are too pretty; I can’t wait for spring to arrive! Muse, you could rock those pretties on your toes unless your professional biting skills extend to your feet! 😉


  • 1/20/12 12:37 Makedonka:

    You had me @ “rose” … :) Korres, Periconne and Dior have done the best Rose scents in products.


  • 1/20/12 15:27 kiwikiwidragon:

    …..and since they are Dior, they are $257 per bottle, LOL…sorry a little cynical today


    • 1/20/12 16:11 Ruth:

      I think that you left out a couple of zero’s; it should be $25700.00 per bottle! ;D


  • 1/21/12 7:05 ManicuredSlayer:

    I caved and bought waterlily–it is a GORGEOUS COLOR.


    I wasn’t impressed with the brush or the formula–my swatch was streaky. And for the price (and name) you’d think it would be better.

    Also there is a “false” cap so DO NOT SHAKE THIS by the cap or your bottle may fly across the room (my experience w/ another brand).


    Once it dries it smells VERY lovely, like roses. So I am mostly happy–I wouldn’t purchase this brand all the time, but for a novelty, I’m glad I got this (or I would drive myself crazy until it was OOS and then have to hunt one down lol).


  • 1/22/12 14:58 Kooslee:

    Have you tried Peripera’s scented nail polish? It smells quite nice and i am sure a lot cheaper than Dior.


    • 1/26/12 15:01 the Muse:

      i have not I’m not much of a nail girl to be honest ;-D!


  • 1/23/12 11:07 Dominique:

    No they don’t smell like roses, I went to Sephora last week and honestly they smell like nail polishes. Colours are pretty but scent ? Well…


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