Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo Photos

Tarina has been busy revamping her makeup collection. This Winter/Holiday the entire line got a complete revamp and went from girlish pink to slick, sophisticated gunmetal grey compacts and packaging.

Her single eyeshadow shades have been discontinued and in their place brand new palettes were introduced and for Spring 2012 the new Eye Dream Highlight Duo Palettes are now available.

Take a look!

I’ll have a review up shortly with swatches but here’s a peek at the four new duos available.

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Mr. Silver/Mr. Gold (yellow gold/ icy silver)

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Jasper/Agate (soft golden beige/ muted light fawn)

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Moon Opal/Iris Plume (light plum/ frosted lilac)

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Elektron/Amber (bright champagne/ bright copper)

Gorgeous right?

Any favs for you?

I’m loving Mr Silver/Mr Gold.

These are available now at Sephora and Sephora.com

  • 1/23/12 17:34 Candee:

    I need them all!!!


  • 1/23/12 17:39 Tammie:

    I got Jasper/Agate and love it :)


  • 1/23/12 18:03 Nana:

    Ahhh!! You are so lucky you have all these xDD
    I’m slowly developing an addiction to Tarina’s line… 😀
    Have you gotten her blush palette, Muse???


    • 1/24/12 10:00 the Muse:

      yes yes it’s essential nana ;-D it’s a great palette imho!


  • 1/23/12 20:29 TK:

    Jasper/Agate is calling my name.


  • 1/23/12 20:54 Ashley:

    Oh Musey, I just got the Mr. Gold / Mr. Silver duo Saturday at Sephora! I love it and I’m glad you do too! I’m wearing them as independent eyeshadows, but I think they would look lovely as an inner corner combo with, say, Urban Decay Strip or MAC Amber Lights. I’m planning on trying that this week!
    The shadows themselves seem to be very good quality and I’m having no problems with their staying power! (Used over a MAC paintpot and over UDPP.)


  • 1/24/12 14:46 Lisa S.:

    Oooo! Jasper/Agate is super pretty, with Moon Opal/Iris Plume a close second. Feel a makeup craving coming on……


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