Tarte The Bright Side Double-Ended Eye Brightener Review, Swatches, Photos

Bless be! Tarte has combined the Bright Side and it now includes two shades in a brand new dual sided pen. I’m so happy I might burst.

Check it!

A hundred or so years ago Tarte used to offer this pen in two shades, light pink and gold. You had to buy each of the pens separately. The good news?

Tarte The Bright Side Double-Ended Eye Brightener contains both shades in a single pen!

Sometimes I like to get out of the house fast and applying loads of makeup isn’t exactly my idea of fast. That’s where Tarte The Bright Side comes into play! I can swipe these on for a quick look that brightens my tired eyes up and makes me look fresh, wide awake, and ready for the day!

The pen is made up of two sides one features a light pink shade and the other a light gold. Each shade features a small sponge tip applicator for application. The product is easy to use and virtually fool-proof to apply. You can apply it to the outer or inner corners of your for a little wake me up action or under your brow to highlight your brow bone which gives the illusion of a lifted look. The shades have a hint of a twinkle and although they swatch with a good deal of sparkle the actual finish is a hint of glimmer, nothing crazy!

If your eyes are generally tired or you’re starting to see some drooping around your lids you can add a bit of this to wake things up as these perk eyes up easily with a little swipe!

I love that Tarte now has both colors in one pen! This was an HG (holy grail) product for me years ago and it still remains a very fond favorite.

Muse Approved!

Definitely add it to your beauty arsenal!

Available from Sephora, Sephora.com and tartecosmetics.com


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  • 1/19/12 9:55 Susan Lewis:

    Looks like something I will be picking up in the near future!


  • 1/19/12 10:31 Majick:

    I think I tried this when it was in the single pen and it just didn’t do it for me. I like that they offered both colors in one but do they still offer the singles in case someone just wanted the one color? Just curious… :-)


    • 1/19/12 10:43 the Muse:

      nope, it’s together now ;-D but that’s good, two in one is better than one ;D!


  • 1/20/12 8:37 Margaret:

    Hey, I have this! I got it in the Tarte kit I got from Sephora a few months ago (can’t remember the name at the moment).

    Anyway, I love using it, too, but I worry about how long it will last. There seems to be a tiny amount of product. What do you think?


  • 1/20/12 16:12 Chels:

    How much will this guy set me back?


  • 1/21/12 11:51 theRothstanator:

    Immediately added to my wishlist!


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