Vera Wang Princess Night

Introducing Vera Wang Princess Night for Spring 2012 a chic, intoxicating, mystery new blend!

This floral exotic woody blend was inspired by the stroke of that magically hour, midnight! Luscious wild berries and watermelon are blended with sweet raspberry and the mystery and exotic blend of velvety jasmine petals, spicy orange blossom, and a twist of passion rose create an aura of the night air! A trail of crushed sugar, sensual musk, and vanilla create a gorgeous finish!

Inspired by the sparkle of the city lights at night, the bottle is covered in deep purple glitter, capturing the essence of a princess after dark.

Vera Wang Princess Night is available now for $45-$75.

  • 1/3/12 20:05 divinem (Melissa):

    Taunting me with pretty packaging! argh!


  • 1/3/12 20:30 Courtney:

    I LOVE that bottle!


  • 1/3/12 21:38 Hai Dao L:

    so shiny *.*


  • 1/3/12 21:57 Nana:

    Wow! this is gorgeous! Really glam and mysterious!!


  • 1/3/12 22:07 Eve:

    OOoo this sounds good!


  • 1/3/12 22:16 Jen:

    Yucky. I am not feeling the glitter at all. Looks like they dipped the originak bottle in white glue and rolled it around in craft glitter. I have no doubt that it will smell lovely though.


  • 1/3/12 22:53 Kayla K:

    This sounds like something I’d absolutely love and who could resist that bottle? I’m excited to sniff this!


  • 1/3/12 23:39 Andrea:

    I haven’t been into any of the various incarnations of Princess (love the original), but I’ll definitely give this one a sniff. Purple and glitter? Enough said!


  • 1/4/12 7:13 Ricci:

    Wow what a gorgeous bottle, I would feel like a princess holding thta in my hands. Will be buying this and Ricci Ribbon’s this year!


  • 1/4/12 15:19 Amy:

    It looks so pretty! I haven’t been crazy about the the Princess scents, but this one sure catches the eye! 😀


  • 1/4/12 16:32 Smugnificent:

    Such a beautiful bottle. I hope I would find it here in Greece because we only can find the original in stores and the preppy one


  • 1/4/12 22:44 Cristi:

    Ah~! The bottle is so cute! Looking forward to seeing it in person. :)


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