Beauty News: Sephora to Open in India

Good news if you’re in India! Sephora is set to open in India soon.

Sephora stores are expected to open in India later this in 2012.

With luxury brands growing as much as 22% in 2010 and sales showing strong growth almost every year this might prove a profitable move for Sephora.

Sephora recently launched in Mexico as well.

Are you India?

Excited about Sephora landing in your country?

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  • 2/6/12 14:01 Nana:

    Congrats everyone in India~ you will be in paradise :DDDDD


  • 2/6/12 14:23 Rads:

    FINALLY! I just hope they are as good in India as they are here in the US…and please…online shopping option better be on!!!


  • 2/6/12 16:12 Lucy:

    Sephora really needs to come to the U.K!


  • 2/6/12 20:55 dom:

    When Sephora finally came to Malaysia, I was so stoked! Unfortch we don’t have the same range as the US but hey, it’s better late than never, eventually :)


  • 2/6/12 22:10 Jackie:

    I live between Dubai and Florida… The Sephora in Dubai does not carry much. And they do not participate in the beauty insider program. There are no samples, freebies or goodies whatsoever. But there is hope. I know Sephora Dubai at least has Philosophy, Chanel, Smashbox and Dior so it’s better than nothing! Hopefully India carries some good lines! :)


    • 2/7/12 0:32 sataa:

      Jackie can you plz tell me the location of sephora stores in Dubai I am going to Dubai later this year and I want to know whether Urban decay .make up for ever and Illamasqua will be available there or not ? and no free samples :( that’s not a good news


      • 2/7/12 11:31 Jackie:

        The marina mall in Dubai has a sephora. I personally feel there is no advantage to buying at sephora vs any other store in Dubai. areej (the Dubai mall) has a great illamasqua counter. For most of my cosmetic purchases I go to Paris gallery and Harvey Nichols which are in the mall of the emirates :) and make up for ever is everywhere…. Most stores have large amazing counters.oh and inglot is very big out there


        • 2/7/12 23:38 sataa:

          Thank you so much :)


    • 2/7/12 2:18 Harleigh:

      Well, that’s unfortunate. I’m afraid that when Sephora does eventually come to Australia, the situation will be exactly the same as Dubai.


  • 2/7/12 0:51 priyanka:

    oh my gosh wuhoooooooooooooooo , where is it opening ne idea ??


  • 2/7/12 2:10 Dela:

    Awesome news! Been waiting for them for ages! Hope they have as good a product selection as I have seen elsewhere.


  • 2/7/12 2:39 Iram:

    We defo need sephora in the UK!!!


  • 2/7/12 13:03 stella:

    you came to Singapore!!!


  • 6/7/12 3:38 nishi gautam:

    wowwwwwwwwwwww.m so happy to hear that sephora will b soon in where in india????
    in delhi????


  • 8/14/12 23:14 Kaira:

    My husband is travelling to India on business and I want him to bring me makeup. I wanted to find an online shop where I could order the products and have them sent to his hotel. Do you know where I can purchase cosmetics in India? Thanks


  • 8/25/12 9:18 Sidra:

    Hey! does anyone know if they have HARD CANDY COSMETICS in DUBAI? If so, where can i find them? thanks:)


  • 2/4/13 7:46 great:

    Yes, I am so excited! I hope that they have Urban Decay.


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