Chanel Lucky Stripes Iresdescent Powder for Eyes & Cheeks Review & Swatches

The Vegas sun comes a calling in a new Chanel Lucky Stripes Powder for Eyes and Cheeks. Chanel Lucky Stripes Powder is part of the new Las Vegas de Chanel Collection that is available for a limited time online.

This powder multitasks for both cheeks and face featuring four shades of color arranged in a display of stripes that could prove lucky for those who favor warm shades of gold and bronze.

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This one is pricey kids. $95 worth of gorgeous Chanel is the price tag on this exclusive creation that was inspired by that legendary city, Last Vegas. Subtle touches of gold, peach, and bronze make up the powder and can be blended together and applied on your face for a touch of golden warmth and radiance or applied on your eyes for a sparkle of Vegas on lids. It might not be on everyone’s wish list because of the price tag but Chanel fans will want to take advantage of this golden nugget.

The formula is finely milled and has a soft, silky texture that blends seamlessly on lids. The color selection contrasts beautifully together to create a gorgeous sunset eye look. I found the shades had the most beautiful sparkle without every looking overly done and applied beautifully no fuss or mess. I loved how the powder looked best on my eyes but on my face I had to practice a bit more caution as the powder is pretty shimmer for your face (below I’m using the shades on my eyes and cheek bones). The shades will look best on top of a blush if you’re fairer of skin and will impart a golden radiance on olive or darker skin tones. Pigmentation runs in the medium range here with a formula that builds easily for more pop.

A soft, slanted brush is included for quick application on the go but I suggest using a sponge tip applicator for applying on lids and eyes since it fits so nicely into the strips of color. There are four shades total in the powder which are a soft peachy bronze, a true gold, a bronze-y brown, and a soft cream. The gold has the most sparkle here but isn’t too overly done on lids but more so on face I noticed. Combined together the shades produce a soft bronze-y shade of gold but it really depends as the shade will vary with your “swirl” technique during application since you’re likely to pick up more gold and/or more bronze depending how you sweep your brush across the powder.

Personally, I loved the shades on lids but I lack excellent highlighting skill so I only added a touch to my cheek bones in my photos below as I had a fear of looking too glow-y.

Overall, Chanel Lucky Stripes is a gorgeous powder without a doubt. Quality is here in formula as well as performance. However, the bad news is the higher price tag. Typically highlighters from the brand range around $65-$75 so you have to be willing to chew down that extra $20-$30 to own this limited edition piece. It is higher end and the price tag is fitting in that aspect however I’d love to see it marked at a more affordable $58-$60.

Quite gorgeous and well worth purchasing if you’re a Chanel fan and/or collector.

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Available now exclusively at or Chanel Bellagio Hotel and Wynn Hotel.


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 2/28/12 15:18 Nancy:

    Yes I grabbed it. I was not crazy about the price but I am a die hard Chanel Fan so I had to have it. I love it!


    • 2/28/12 15:38 the Muse:

      nancy well worth it for fans ;-D it’s gorgeous! wish it was a little less expensive but very happy to add it to my collection ;D! It’s gorg!


  • 2/28/12 16:42 Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado:

    This looks so pretty!


  • 2/28/12 17:47 susan:

    Needless to say we haven’t got this (yet?) in UK. I bought standard line tan de soleil bronzing make-up base today (a mere £29) which has been out of stock for a while over here, and it is amazing applied with a brush despite the mousse like texture.


  • 3/1/12 2:52 Melissa:

    I’m having a hard time because If I splurge for it I won’t want to use it and I’m not much for spending that kind of dough on a product to stare at 😛


    • 3/23/12 1:45 butterdaisy:

      I know what you mean. I have an LE Chanel compact lip gloss that is absolutely gorgeous. I stared at it for months on end before I finally decided to go ahead and use it. Was dying to know what it looked like on the lips. I still only use it occasionally. 8)


  • 3/2/12 11:56 sara:

    The price seems high…even for Chanel.. Sigh…I’ll just have to gaze @ swatches:(


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