DKNY Sweet Delicious for Spring 2012 DKNY Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime, Creamy Meringue

Oh DKNY you slay me!

Your new Sweet Delicious Collection for Spring 2012 includes scents like Pink Macaroon, Key Lime, and Creamy Meringue!

You have my heart.

Fragrantica reports that these fragrances were inspired by inspired by recipes for creamy and delicious cupcakes!

DKNY Sweet Delicious Pink Macaroon (Note: the collection details state this is called Pink “Macaroon” not Pink “Macaron” as there was some dispute that I spelled it incorrectly and didn’t know the difference between a macaroon and a macaron, hope this helps.  I know the difference between the two desserts but not sure DKNY does haha!)

  • Top notes: nectarine, kumquat
  • Heart: pomegranate, rose marzipan
  • Base: amber, woody notes, tonka

DKNY Sweet Delicious Tart Key Lime

  • Top notes: tart key lime pie, bergamot, mandarin, orange
  • Heart: basil, ginger, neroli
  • Base: violet leaf

DKNY Sweet Delicious Creamy Meringue

  • Top notes: crepe suzette, lemon cream, bergamot
  • Heart: freesia, passion flower, frangipani
  • Base: cedar, white amber, musk

I can’t wait to try these.

I might hit up Macy’s later maybe they’ll be in stock.

Whatcha think?

info/images via fragrantica

  • 2/1/12 12:25 Cj:

    DKNY always makes the loveliest perfumes, The be juiced ones she came out with last year were seriously my favorite perfumes ever. I still have a couple bottles stashed away for safe keeping lol! All 3 of these sound delicious, especially the pink macaroon.


    • 2/1/12 12:30 the Muse:

      were those the ones I reviewed last year? b/c I hoarded those like no one’s biz. they were creamy. Cherry Princess by L’occitane kinda smells like the pink bottle of DKNY (the name escapes me at the moment) from last year’s LE run!


      • 2/1/12 12:40 Cj:

        I think so, I remember us trying to one up eachother on how many sets we hoarded :P!


        • 2/1/12 12:41 the Muse:

          I LOVED them! I can’t recall the names at the moment though, odd! ;-D but they were create. I have like three bottles of each lol! I hope these are as good!


          • 2/2/12 0:01 Sarah S.:

            Oh my, I do declare *fans self* I can’t wait to go smell these! I did just order the whole durned Cherry Princess line from L’Occitane so I don’t know if i can justify getting any of these…. :-/

          • 2/2/12 8:56 the Muse:

            sarah cherry princess=AMAZEBALLS!

  • 2/1/12 12:58 Lyndsay:

    Must have creamy meringue!


  • 2/1/12 12:59 Nikki:

    I want pink macaroon! Sounds delish!


  • 2/1/12 13:10 Mal @ The Chic Geek:

    Key lime sounds lovely!


  • 2/1/12 17:12 Lucy:

    they all sound gorgeous… and delicious (I guess they’re not called that for nothing)
    If I had the money, I’d buy all of them.

    I wish they did mini packs containing all 3 perfumes, that would be perfect!


  • 2/1/12 17:44 Littlecreek:

    Any word if there will be some sort of three pack (sampler or rollerball etc) I really think I would love all of these; I’ve loved all their scents so far. Guess I better gear my wallet up for these!


    • 2/2/12 9:04 the Muse:

      no word yet but hope to have more deets soon sweetie!


  • 2/1/12 20:10 Sorchathorn:

    I want all three!!!


  • 2/1/12 21:20 Makedonka:

    I have all DKNY scents – they are my favs and I trust the brand :) so I am definitely picking up the whole lot.


  • 2/1/12 21:51 dina:

    ohhh, curious to sniff all of these! hope they’re not heavey on the vanilla, which almost all sweet fragrances come with to me [although none of the notes mentioned]… maybe i’ve too many sweets on the brain….


  • 2/1/12 22:01 Ester:

    None of these scents really appeal to me. I like the IDEA and the cute bottles and such, but the notes themselves don’t sound good to me, and DKNY’s regular “Be Delicious” line unfortunately all give me headaches, even though I like the sweet, crisp smells.


  • 2/2/12 3:10 LMat:

    Ooooh….Will have to check these out when I find them.


  • 2/2/12 9:47 Nikki:

    This post is making me hungry!! Haha


  • 2/2/12 10:52 JoElla:

    I guess “crepe suzette” is easer to list than the actual notes of crepe suzette.

    Or did I actually miss this becoming an actual single note?

    Personally, I think these are smell worthy, however I doubt I would want to wear them.


  • 2/2/12 20:55 Olivia:

    i loooove DKNY but i feel like when companies go into the “desserts” zone in terms of their fragrances, it comes off sounding a bit cheap. the scents seem to be great though! it’s just when i think of pink macaroon as a scent, i’d think it was something from Paris Hilton or mariah carey haha!


  • 2/4/12 6:18 Jessi:

    I hope these are as wonderful as they sound .. but the DKNY Be Delicious Collections haven’t let me down yet so I’m super excited to smell these!!

    I’m most excited about the Tart Key Lime Pie … I mean lime, bergamot, mandarin, orange, and neroli? That’s like heaven for Citrus Lovers .. and I do love me some citrus.

    These sound more fruity than gourmand which is nice. I steer clear of the typical cupcake fragrances. I’m still optimistic about these.

    Thanks Muse :)


    • 2/6/12 14:05 the Muse:

      my pleasure jessi :)


  • 2/5/12 1:02 maddie:

    I want the Key Lime one, sounds so nommy! Pink Macaroon, would that have notes of coconut in it? If so, not really a fan…but will definitely sniff each one 😀


    • 2/7/12 3:02 Jessica:

      Muse listed the fragrance notes for each one – no coconut. It’s inspired by french macaroons, not the coconut kind. :)


  • 2/7/12 3:00 Jessica:

    I’m lost about the spelling debate. I understand there are coconut macaroons and french macaroons – I’ve always been under the impression that macaroon is the spelling either way. Isn’t “macaron” just the French spelling? Looking on Amazon, there are loads of books about “macaroons.” Anyways, I’ll just go on being confused! lol Either way, I’m REALLY excited about this release!


    • 4/4/12 12:37 Ryou:

      Actually, it’s just a byproduct of confusion! The spellings are SO similar that people often have a hard time differentiating the two. However, macaron is not just the French spelling of macaroon, as the two cookies are quite different, and the spellings are most definitely not meant to be used interchangeably. :)


  • 4/3/12 16:22 Ryou:

    I want them all! Unfortunately I heard that they may not be releasing this collection in the US. Do you have more info on this, Musey? >:


    • 4/3/12 16:27 the Muse:

      really? no word yet ryou, waiting for more deets, hope it’s not true!


      • 4/4/12 12:29 Ryou:

        I hope not, I think they said on the Facebook that it’s not “currently” available in the US, but might be available in select airports’ duty free shops. I know it’s available in the UK though, and maybe Australia as well. But shipping perfumes is pretty tricky. >.<


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