MAC Mineralize Concealer Swatches

The new MAC Mineralize Perfectly Finished Collection will be launching shortly. It includes a brand new Mineralize Concealer but knowing my track record with MAC Concealers I was a little worried about these being dry….

(NW25 and NC35)

(NW25 and NC35)



Not the case, they seem pretty moisturizing! And check out the brush applicator! I’m busy testing at the moment and should have a review for you shortly.

Will you be checking these out when they launch?

Do share!

  • 2/9/12 20:21 Maggie:

    Much better applicator than prolong wear. As much as I love that coverage, I hate the pump. I’ll look forward to your review on coverage and wear. :)


  • 2/9/12 21:31 Misato-san:

    they launched the collection last week here in Italy. My HG concealer is Prolongwear but I’m curious about this one!


  • 2/10/12 2:02 Melissa:

    I think mac needs more shades – no seriously. I’m somwhere between nw25/ and nc30. When i’m fully tan the nc30 is a nice match but nw 30 is way too dark on my darkest days and the nc30 too yellow on my fair days and anyways i’ll be quiet and keep mixing my own lol


    • 2/10/12 9:03 the Muse:

      none of mac’s shades look right on me :-/ ma’s suggest crappy colors for me. just not a fan of there bases!


  • 2/10/12 4:17 ladymoonlight:

    I’ve been wondering whether I should get the Mac Moisturecover concealer. My undereye area tends to get really dry when I use concealers so do you think it’s worth waiting till the mineralize one comes out as it might be actually more moisturising? Or perhaps Moisturecover is pretty moisturising as well?


  • 2/10/12 10:08 Cj:

    I’m glad they work for you :D! I can’t wait till these pop up lol, I don’t know what to think of the applicator brush… I have the picture of someone putting nail polish under their eyes lol!

    PS: Are you inbetween nw25 and 30 or lighter than 25?


  • 2/10/12 12:19 tina:

    quick question, does this product have bismuth oxychloride in it?


    • 2/10/12 12:39 the Muse:

      i assume it’s b/c the line is mineral based tina. I haven’t had a reaction thankfully as typically it makes me itchy, but you might wish to avoid if you’re sensitive and/or prone to breakouts.


  • 2/10/12 14:12 Larie:

    Oh, the brush applicator is intriguing! I may have to check these out.


  • 2/10/12 15:23 Tiffany:

    i love MAC concealers , cant wait to purchase this in NW25


  • 2/10/12 18:08 Jeri:

    I’m like u obsessed with concealer. Looking forward to your review.


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