Pop Beauty Butterfly Bronze Blush Sunblossom for Spring 2012

I know, we don’t need more highlighting powders but how can we resist the beauty of Pop’s Butterfly Bronze Blush for Spring.

Made up of half brozner and half blush powder this little face powder makes wearing bronze easy by allowing you to add a flush of blush to the mix to brighten up skin.

The skin perfecting powder warms skin up with a touch of shimmering shade of honey bronzer and refreshes your face with a dash of pink blush.

Of course, the butterfly imprint makes it all the more tempting!

Available now at Ulta and Ulta.com for $26.

  • 2/27/12 13:07 Cj:

    Oooh cuuuute lol. I wonder how dark the bronzer half is, I can never find a bronzer light enough for me, and every time I try to contour I end up looking like a zombie lol. I’m thinking about getting a careblend powder in medium and seeing I that would work lol


    • 2/28/12 16:13 Majick:

      CJ – Have you tried Physicians Formula? They used to have one that had a moon on it. That was the lighter one and the darker one had a sun. I used to use that and it was nice – didn’t make you look dirty.

      I also like: SB Halo Bronzer (use a very light touch), Tarte Park Ave. Princess (again light hand) and I have a LORAC one that I got in a kit that is much lighter than their original but I can’t remember the name of it. Oh, and one more to try would be Too Faced – I think it’s the leopard one? I got the kit with bronze, blush, highlight, a lippie in cougar, and a small tube of primer for $26 on sale. I think they still have it but I’m not sure. That bronzer and blush combo is very nice and very light – you also get a mini soft buki. It’s a great little “steal”.

      I hope I helped you a little. Happy hunting…


      • 2/28/12 16:14 Majick:

        oh sorry – the “steal” was at Sephora.


  • 2/27/12 14:01 Candee:

    Super cute. Too cute to use!


  • 2/27/12 16:27 Sarita:

    Those are so pretty.


  • 2/28/12 3:14 Eli:

    Looove it! I hope it’ll be available at Asos, cuz it’s the only way I can get it.


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