Sue Devitt Day & Night Neutrals Eye, Lip, & Cheek Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Sue Devitt your new Day & Night Neutrals Palette is my BFF. Let’s exchange break apart heart key chains, go to the mall to hang together, and call each other every night to gossip, k?

I just lurve you that much.

Sue Devitt doesn’t get enough love around here as far as I’m concerned. So when I got my hands on her Day & Night Neutrals Eye, Lip, & Cheek Palette I was pretty chuffed. It’s really simple and it doesn’t have a ton of fanfare surrounding it but the beauty definately stems from the simplicity of the products inside which offer the option for a soft, simple day look or a sultry night one.

The palette is a silver design and about the size of a CD case. It travels friendly and has a very large mirror inside for quickie looks or touch ups on to go. The downside is the fact it contains both powder and cream products in one place which could potentially be messy but with a little TLC you should be a ok. I didn’t feel uncomfortable traveling with this one and it seemed to be perfectly safe while jostling around my PBS tote.

Inside you’ll find two blushes, three shadows, three lipglosses, and two applicators (eyeshadow and blush). The palette is meant to be used for two different looks, one for daily looks and one for evening looks but I feel like you can use them in anyway you want as the shades are friendly enough for day or evening looks without being too dramatic.

The formula is a delight on every single item here. The blushes are pigmented, smooth, and silky. The shadows are also pigmented, blend easily, and are made up of a lovely selection of shades. And finally the glosses are positively dreamy! These are a bit subtle in the color pay off department but they have a luscious little formula that’s soft, glossy, and beautifully shiny.

The blush shades are a dusky peach and a dusky rose with eyeshadows shades that include a rich golden brown (this is my favorite shade), a soft creamy light pink, and a creamy white gold. Glosses are made up of deep dusky brown rose, berry rose, and bright pink. The colors work in harmony to create some very lovely looks. You are a bit limited to how many looks you can create with the palette since it’s not a ton of product you’re presented with but regardless its enough so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Overall, the Sue Devitt Day & Night Neutrals Eye, Lip, & Cheek Palette offers a simple selection of color that you can use to create some very elegant looks. I fell in love with it. I loved the rich shade of brown in the mix that complimented by eyes so brilliant. The glosses are soft and dreamy to work with and the blushes look lovely, fresh, and sophisticated on my cheeks. If you’re looking for an easy to use palette this is your girl!

Likey ALOT!

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  • 2/1/12 18:22 susan:

    No likey those cheek colours by swatch, although your look is good. But they are very bright for a neutral look on light skin tones.


    • 2/2/12 9:06 the Muse:

      thanks susan! they are quite warm for lighter skin!


  • 2/2/12 1:05 chelle:

    It looks a lot like the Youngblood Artist 1 (Romanticism) Palette .


  • 2/11/12 9:51 Andrea:

    If you had to chose between this palette + the new Laura Mercier Lingerie palette [for light skin, dark brown hair + eyes] please let me know which you’d chose? I’d love your opinion.


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