Bare Minerals Return to Radiance QVC Today Special Value

Return to Radiance with the new QVC Bare Minerals Today’s Special Value. This eight piece, full size set features all you need for a radiant look and is available for pre-booking now.

The set is also on auto delivery so new shipments are available every few months with new seasonal shades (photos of each shipment can be found after the jump).

Have a look!


  • Bare Minerals Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer (Brand New Product)
  • Bare Minerals Ready Blush in The Natural High (golden petal peach)
  • Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer Shadow in Nude Glow (champagne shimmer)
  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip gloss in Rock Star (pink peach shimmer)
  • Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation (choice of 12 shades)
  • Bare Minerals SPF 20 Bisque Concealer
  • Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face Brush
  • Bare Minerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

Shade Info for upcoming Auto Delivery Sets:
Shipment 2: Blush in French Kiss, Shadow in Cameo Pink, Hot Shot Gloss
Shipment 3: Blush in Close Call, Shadow in Champagne Toast, Smooth Talker Gloss

A one time shipment is $69.98 or you can choose the auto delivery option which will get you two more shipments over the next several months for the same price.

All the products are full size so the deal is quite good.

Sadly, I can’t use BE foundation (makes me itchy) so this is a no go for me but I’m really yearning to try the new pressed blushes.

Pre-order now at using Item Number A220841 or Auto Delivery Item Number A225172.

Will you be indulging?

  • 3/1/12 13:53 Kate:

    I’m so on the fence with this one. Just not ready to pull the trigger . :/


  • 3/1/12 14:16 Carrie:

    I pre-ordered from Inside Q and already received it. Sooo glad I ordered on auto-delivery- thanks for posting the 2nd and 3rd shipments!!


    • 3/1/12 14:58 the Muse:

      my pleasure carrie enjoy your goodies when they arrive, wear in health hun!


  • 3/1/12 15:06 Colleen:

    HI Muse. I pre-ordered this too, got it yesterday, & was disappointed. My experience with the blush sounds similar to your experience with the buxom blush. I wanted to love it but i don’t. I don’t think the formula applies evenly & it’s hard to blend.


    • 3/1/12 15:09 the Muse:

      colleen, off topic, have you tried the buxom? It seems to be getting tons of raves but I still can’t get on board, very patchy application :( I’m hearing terrible things about the pressed blushes as well, not enough pigment, patchiness, etc…how sad :(


      • 3/1/12 15:24 Colleen:

        After reading your review, I decided not to even try the buxoms. I trust your judgement:) They seem to have missed the mark on this release & that is sad. I’ve really enjoyed the new pressed shadows & mineral veil but the blush doesn’t compare. I’ll stick with tarte.


        • 3/1/12 15:28 Colleen:

          Muse, also off topic, have you heard any feedback on the new ready bronzers?


          • 3/1/12 15:30 the Muse:

            not yet, was curious but I imagine if they failed with the blush that the bronzer might suffer the same fate? eep!

        • 3/1/12 15:29 the Muse:

          actually, glad to hear it colleen, I thought they were expensive for the quality. they are so dry and patchy as hell, just don’t blend. btw very flattered to hear you skipped b/c of my opinion awww! sniff! I know many people raved them but I dunno, I seriously didn’t find the joy. I’m surprised, as I agree the pressed shadows were delightful so sad the blush stinks :(


          • 3/1/12 15:38 Colleen:

            I fear you might be right about the bronzer. I always check to see if you have a review – you do such a thorough job & have such great integrity. You’ve led me to many things I now love. You totally rock & you never disappoint.

          • 3/1/12 15:42 the Muse:

            AWWWWWWWWWWWW are you TRYING to make me cry?! ;-D thanks Colleen such a high compliment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmm I think so, if the blush sucks why would the bronzer be better in the same formula ya know? :( sad sigh! I’m kinda yearning for new blush at the moment too and those pressed ones fit the bill but all the harsh feedback has really swayed me to just say no!

  • 3/2/12 23:59 wendy:

    hi gals,

    Can anyone who already received this 8 piece set tell me what the ingredients are in the Prime Time Primer? If you can’t put all the ingredients that’s fine I just need to know if it contains cyclopentasiloxane in it. So many brands (almost all) are using this ingredient and it’s not good. Please let me know if possible. Thanks all.


  • 3/3/12 12:03 diane:

    i was watching the presentation of this last night..i REALLY want to try that primer!! hope it is out on it’s own soon, i can’t justify the whole kit right now =/


  • 3/4/12 0:06 Crystal:

    I just picked it up and I am hoping for the best. I must say the Ready line has driven me to cheat on my loose shadows, so I am interested to see how the blush works. Gosh, I hope it doesn’t go onto my skin as poorly as people are posting. Here’s to hoping.

    PS: I don’t feel so guilty about being a product junkie after looking at your site. love Love LOVE.


    • 3/13/12 16:01 the Muse:

      hehe thanks crystal!!!!!!!!!! sorry about my delayed reply!


  • 5/22/12 19:33 Joan Andruszkewicz:

    The blushes in the 2nd and 3rd shipments aren’t exclusive to the auto delivery shipments. French Kiss and Close Call are two of the shades out now and I own French Kiss. I think I’m canceling my auto delivery shipments.


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