Butter London Lippy Lipgloss Mini Review

Butter London Lippy Lipgloss Swatches

Thanks to Andrea today who gave the good word on the new Butter London Lippy Lipgloss I blogged about last week.

Andrea says so far she’s loving it and felt like it was more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss. It has the look and feel of a gloss but wears like a lipstick as it doesn’t have a slipper feel. Her only complaint was it does have a perfume taste and scent but it wasn’t bad enough to dislike the gloss on a whole.

Thanks Andrea!

All of us appreciate the little review and love the pic! Andrea is wearing the shade Trout Pout in her photo above.

You can visit Andrea at www.ladyak.tumblr.com

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  • 3/5/12 11:52 Michelle:

    Is it me or does Trout Pout look like an Angelina Jolie type of color? It reminds me of the lip colors I’ve often seen her photographed with.


  • 3/5/12 12:47 Ljana:

    Oooh, this looks lovely! Love the color, the opacity, the texture, the packaging. Thanks Andrea and Muse!


    • 3/5/12 12:51 the Muse:

      you’re most welcome ljana but all credit on this one goes to Andrea ;-D


  • 3/5/12 12:48 Candee:

    I’ll have to see a few more reviews before I consider trying this. I’m not big on scents or tastes.


  • 3/5/12 23:56 Phyrra:

    It looks adorable on her :)


  • 3/6/12 8:27 lexi:

    I checked these out on Friday at ULTA. they smellllllllllllll not so good.


  • 3/6/12 17:10 Sarah:

    What do they smell like? I don’t mind scents unless they’re weird scents. The gloss looks beautiful though, hoping it’s nice, since I love glosses, I’d like to see them doing some of their nail shades as glosses, like knackered would be an amazing gloss!


  • 3/8/12 0:18 Ruthless:

    I need these…..


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