Dr Jart Most Moist Water-Full Hydrogel Mask Pore Dr Jart Medic Pore Clear Mask

I suspected at some point, Korean Brand, Dr. Jart would start releasing a few skincare products to the US Market after the launch of their BB Creams at Sephora.

My hunch was correct, the brand now has two different face masks available at Sephora and it leaves me curious what else will follow.

Dr Jart Most Moist Water-Full Hydrogel Mask Pore $9
This super-hydrating mask restores hydration, elasticity, and bounce to skin. Its unique Hydrogel material locks-in moisture while its Trans-Dermal Technology allows hydrating actives to penetrate at levels two-times greater than a generic moisturizer. Its natural extracts and hyaluronic acid infuse water into dry, rough, or dehydrated skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging.

Dr Jart Medic Pore Clear Mask $6
This easy-to-use mask tightens pores and controls oil, leaving skin smooth, clear, and refined. For normal, oily, or acne-prone skin, its natural extracts work to clear out pores without irritation. Its hydrating ingredients deliver oil-free moisture while ensuring that skin is not over dried.

Being a connoisseur of various Asian face masks and I will say I’m appalled at the prices. This is per sheet mask….! You can get an entire box of masks (5 to 15 masks per box) for the prices they want for one.


These are available now Sephora and Sephora.com

  • 3/22/12 21:21 Libby:

    I read the other day that more Asian companies are going to be bringing in face masks into Sephora/US Market and I had the exact same reaction as you! I can’t believe that they’re charging this price PER mask!

    Perhaps the results are longer lasting but I think I’ll stick to my box of masks for now at least : )


  • 3/22/12 21:55 Sierrablue:

    oh wow, they are expensive. I think I will stick with My Beauty Diary and Skin Food for now. Even with shipping you end up much cheaper. But I am curious to see how others like them. :)


  • 3/23/12 0:35 shelia:

    price wise? $9 is a tad steep but for $6 i say thats not too bad! especially if its a good mask. but if the mask is just mediocre then forget it $9 $6 its just not worth it

    – i usually get my really nice masks for about $4-$6 and regular masks for about $1 – $3. sometimes the pricier ones are really that much better. but not all the time.


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