Lush Easter Collection Spring 2012


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

How about a little Lush Easter Collection for Spring 2012 to wake us up today?

Take a peek!

Lush Fluffy Egg
Enjoy a deeply relaxing soak in bright pink waters with this bath bomb that shares the same scent as Rock Star Soap.

Lush The Carrot
Features a brand new fragrance that uses fruity essential oils of buchu, which has a lovely blackcurranty scent, together with lemon and bergamot to give this carrot an unexpectedly tropical touch.

Like all Lush’s reusable bubble bars, Carrot can be swished into a pre-run bath or held under a running tap to produce lots of fragrant bubbles. When you’ve got enough bubbles, just put the Carrot on one side to dry and you’ll be able to use it for several more baths.

Lush The Immaculate Eggception (Yellow or Pink Available)
Crack it open to reveal either a small chick or bunny bath bomb inside. Scented with uplifting grapefruit and lemon oils, as well as warming and sensual vanilla.

Lush Easter 2012 is available now at on the UK site which ships worldwide. I’m sure we’ll see it shortly here in the US if you don’t want to deal with International shipping.

  • 3/5/12 11:43 Tara:

    These look perfect for my 13 year olds easter basket. One or two might manage to make it into my hands too!


  • 3/5/12 12:14 Candee:

    This brand looks so cheesy. I can’t take it seriously.


  • 3/5/12 12:19 MM Curator:

    Can’t wait for this to hit the U.S. (my store told me March 20 or a few days earlier). :) Also can’t wait for the Mother’s Day collection!!


  • 3/5/12 12:26 susan:

    I totally got into Lush last Fall (ironically, since they are British, while visiting the Broadway store on the Upper West side every other evening wandering home from the theatre at night while on vacation!). I have never managed to re use their bubble bars so it’s an expensive addiction. Loving the look of the eggs!


  • 3/5/12 17:23 Courtney:

    Just got a LUSH order in the other day. First time I’ve ordered from the UK and so happy I did. It actually came faster than when I order in the states (I live in the Midwest). Had to get my Ocean Salt fix.


    • 3/12/12 16:16 the Muse:

      yay court! did you love everything? same here, it actually comes faster than NA orders!


  • 3/5/12 22:33 eva:

    so cute!! too bad i don’t take baths -.-


  • 3/6/12 0:05 Phyrra:

    Those are all so adorable!


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