Orly Dark Shadows Nail Color Collection

Watching the Dark Shadows movie trailer was the most thrilling and disappointing aspect of my geeky life as of late. Dude…it’s a comedy.


It starts out all dark and gothy and suddenly it heads into a downward spiral of stupidity.


I’m not technically part of the Dark Shadows hardcore fandom but it is a vast one and I can imagine fans are terribly disappointed. I can’t imagine hardcorers being happy with a Dark Shadows comedy.

But on to brighter things…

Orly Dark Shadows Collection launches shortly!

Orly has created a limited edition Dark Shadows Nail Collection inspired by the film. This collaborated effort with Warner Brothers pictures will include four lacquers, with names and shades that reflect the dark (groan) humor of the film!

“ORLY strives to deliver innovative products and trend-focused nail shades,” said Jeff Pink, President and CEO of ORLY International. “The adventurous theme of ‘Dark Shadows’ was a perfect fit with our brand and the fashion colors we created for this collection.”


  • Mysterious Curse: Purple Duochrome Shimmer
  • Buried Alive: Rich Brown Shimmer
  • Grave Mistake: Deep Red Crème
  • Decades of Dysfunction: Pale Pink Crème

The Orly Dark Shadows Collection will be available in May 2012 for $8.50 each at orlybeauty.com, Sally Beauty, and at Ulta.

  • 3/23/12 13:33 Sarah S.:

    Oh, I thought it was a drama too. From the looks of it, it’s going to be Beetlejuice meets the Adams Family (movie remakes). Not necessarily a bad thing. It’s like adapting Twilight in thirty years as a comedy, no? Then again, in some ways Twilight is already a comedy (hurhurhur)


  • 3/23/12 14:44 Andrea:

    deep red creme that the one that calls my name


  • 3/23/12 15:36 Stellar:

    I had to check if my calendar said it was October. Man, I was wrong.


  • 3/23/12 18:25 Kimber:

    Johnny Depp, vampires and nail polish!!!!! I think I’m having a crisis! LOL Made my Friday reading this :)


  • 3/23/12 23:19 Cynthia:

    Ugh I know. I was all excited about it, even when I saw the WEIRD pics of Johnny Depp were released, but I saw the trailer before The Hunger Games and I was seriously like WTF?


  • 3/24/12 7:19 Angel:

    This is how I felt about The Haunted Mansion movie. I’m a Disney geek, that was a major letdown. But I’m liking that purple duochrome, might me nice!


  • 3/24/12 18:12 Soo:

    I hope Mysterious Curse looks just as amazing on the nails as it does in that promo pic! can’t get enough of duochromes


  • 3/24/12 22:50 Miriam:

    Johnny Depp is the only reason I’d watch this movie. He’s eye candy in any shape or form..heheh. My husband saw the preview of this and he was flipping out as to why it was comedy. lol..it’s Johnny Depp (aka YUMMYYYY) some people don’t see it my way. Can’t wait to check out the polishes.


  • 3/25/12 7:52 Musebeliever:

    I love Orly but the time of the release seems a little bit off… I love to wear dark colours in winter or for special occasions but with the sun and nice weather I am having here I’d prefer to wear more lively colours…
    I must say that as always I love the names of the nail poslishes. 😉


  • 3/25/12 10:52 JenJ:



  • 3/26/12 9:44 Tiffany C.:

    I agree with you 100% muse! Very disappointing that it’s a comedy! I watched the trailer this weekend and was in to it in the beginning and then all of a sudden i was like WTF!!!???? My father LOVES Dark shadows and when he sees this he’ll feel the same way.


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