Too Faced The Essentials

Gotta say, with this new time change, I need a little wake up call and George Takei’s Happy Dance definitely wakes me up in the AM.

Ahh now that we’re awake (and sexy because we know it) how about a little Too Faced Essentials?

Jump ahead for it.

Too Faced The Essentials is a new limited edition, Ulta Exclusive, that includes:

  • Eyeshadow Quad
  • Blush/Bronzer Duo
  • Too Faced Queen Size Mascara
  • Too Faced Glamour Gloss
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer Sample

Best part of the set is the sweet little $39 price tag (take advantage of Free Shipping using promo code MARCH2TODAY).

Available now at Ulta and

  • 3/12/12 9:25 Isabella:

    Oh my
    Love him


  • 3/12/12 10:13 Nikki:

    Haha!!! Hilarious!


  • 3/12/12 10:15 Melissa:

    Damn I love that guy! lol


  • 3/12/12 10:30 yelena:

    gosh this looks so pretty. do we know what color the blush/bronzer are. im getting the beautiful dreamer set and don’t want to have a duplicate. ulta sucks at product descriptions. also do u know how long that free shipping code will last?


  • 3/12/12 10:32 yelena:

    this is the link to the ulta site. no color descriptions. also they have an eye shadow palette in the pic which i’m sure is not included in the set. can u report that to them?


  • 3/12/12 12:34 CupK8:

    I just love George Takei! <3

    This set looks gorgeous! I may have to indulge…


  • 3/12/12 13:38 eight:

    I love George Takei. He posted a macro I made on his fb page and one time he replied to one of my tweets. Thisclose to being best friends, y/y?

    I wish ULTA shipped to Canada :( I love Too Faced.


    • 3/12/12 13:53 the Muse:

      very close to BFF status hehehehe!!!!!


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