Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau Collection Summer 2012

The new Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau Summer 2012 Collection, inspired by Laura’s background as a painter and her love of the Art Nouveau Era’s innovation spirit, will be launching this May/June.

The line invites you to escape to a dream world of unbelievably beautiful color with a focus on soft but daring colors that are playful, yet romantic.

Take a look!

Highlighted in this collection is Laura’s first ever colored mascara, Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara in Bleu plus after the February’s Nail Lacquer Collection, Laura Mercier is releasing Lavender Cloud Nail Lacquer, a whimsical, pastel color perfect for the spring.

And to my delight a new shade of Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick Colour in Turqoise makes an appearance, being a fan of the formula on these sticks I’m delighted to add it to my stash!

Let’s take a look at the collection!

Laura Mercier Creme Lip Print (LE) $20

  • Nude Beige
  • Nude Coral
  • Nude Pink

Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Eye Colour (LE) $22

  • Mauve Pastel
  • Grey Pastel
  • Aqua Pastel

Laura Mercier Lip Glace $22

  • Camellia
  • Orange Tulip
  • Lotus Blossom

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer (LE) $18

  • Lavender Cloud

Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Colour (LE) $22

  • Copper Glow Veil

Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup (LE) $38

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick Colour (LE) $24

  • Turquoise

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara (LE) $24

  • Bleu

The Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau for Summer 2012 will be launching this May into June at your favorite counter or online

Anything for you from this collection?

  • 4/4/12 10:20 Sarah S.:

    Laura Mercier’s products are so luxe but for me… yawn! Muse, tell me why I am drawn to flashy makeup instead of makeup that would actually make me more beautiful? LOL


    • 4/4/12 10:22 the Muse:

      aw flashy is ok sarah, nothing at all wrong with that chica ;D!


  • 4/4/12 12:35 Larie:

    Oooh, I’m loving the colors! The blue mascara and the turquoise caviar stick, especially.


  • 4/4/12 19:24 PJ:

    Ive been waiting for a new caviar eye stick color — love it!— so I cant wait for that! Also, the camelia lip glace has gotten some positive press already, so I may have to also pick that one up!


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