Nip + Fab Eye Fix Review & Swatches

Let’s see…

Worst feature?

My eyes lately. Puffy, dark circles, the “I haven’t slept more than 6 hours” tired look…shall I go on?

I need concealer…….NOW…! Call in the guards, have them bring me the bestest concealer and something to brighten up these tired, too fast aging eyes.

Nip + Fab Eye Fix Brightening Concealer you say?

Hello gorgeous…!

Nip + Fab Eye Fix is a 2 in 1 eye cream + concealer that contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate eyes and help them to retain more moisture. Add in a little cucumber extract to reduce the appearance of puffiness and light reflecting particles to brighten up dark circles and you have your new best friend for evahs.

This little pen was what I had hoped Revlon’s Photoready Brightener would be but it isn’t without fault!

Perfectly portable this click pen has an attached brush applicator for brightening on the go. The shade is a pale fleshy pink which is VERY pigmented so please, go easy, a little bit goes a very long way. I wouldn’t call it a concealer for most skin types as the shade runs too pasty pink to match well with most tones. However, used along with your concealer of choice as a brightener it works a treat.

A little concealer in place with this on top eases tired, droopy eyes while brightening up dark circles and gives eyes the appearances of the 10 hours of sleep you so did not have last night, for shame.

Sadly, the formula is dry….! I was a little surprised as for something that is water based it proved a little finicky when blending out and felt quite dry under my eyes. The creamy texture feels hydrating but once applied definitely has a drier finish and texture.

I could possibly forgive the dryness since the brightening really works out well for me but it’ll be hard as my dry eyes are dry enough without adding more crazy to that area.

If you’re looking to brighten things up this should work for many skin types but it takes a little time and patience to get it patted out and blended correctly. Too much and it’ll look very chalky and pasty…! Fairer skin with pink undertones will find it works well as both a concealer and a brightener where as medium, medium fair, and olive will find it works great to brighten but not to conceal.

It’s a handy little tool for brightening up your eye area but the dry formula needs improving and is a bit of a deal breaker.

What are you using to brighten up your peepers?

Nip + Fab is sold at Target and

Have you tried anything from the brand?


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  • 4/12/12 1:10 Mia D:

    Do you think an eye cream underneath it would help? Other wise this sounds really wonderful!


    • 4/12/12 9:15 the Muse:

      most def mia…but you have to have a nice dewy area to work on to get a better glide so you won’t wanna pat the eye cream in until it is fully absorbed, leave it a little “wet”


      • 4/13/12 1:12 Mia D:



  • 4/12/12 21:27 Sarah:

    nip+fab doesn’t seem like it would be the name for a cosmetic product. >.<


  • 4/13/12 16:14 mentalista stylista:

    hey Muse, always look forward to your post in my inbox. have you had a chance to road test Sk:N eye brightening cream yet? I was thinking of testing the nip+fab myself, think I’ll give it a miss :) thankx a million.. keep on musing Muse!!


    • 4/16/12 13:06 the Muse:

      i haven’t yet metalista sorry! I have to test ;-D been using miracle worker for a bit now. lol I surely will chica I surely will!


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