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Bare Escentuals Wanderlust Rainforest Makeup Collection Summer 2012

I can’t remember the last time I saw BE doing a new makeup set. Lately, their releases have gotten a little techie due to their new pressed format.

So it’s always pleasant when they go back to their roots.

Anyone up for a little Bare Escentuals Wanderlust Rainforest Makeup Collection?


Simply Vera Wang Vera Wang Cosmetics at Kohl’s

Target is legendary for working with high end designers to create limited edition, one off collections that do successfully well in an economy out for the next best deal. Kohl’s gets in on that action with the recent introduction of the Simply Vera Collection. The collection featured an array of couture pieces as well as matching accessories including handbags.

Bringing things to the next level the Simply Vera Wang Cosmetics Collection has launched this Spring at the budget friendly department store.

Will you be indulging?


When Is Your Daughter Too Young for Makeup?

I don’t have kids and I don’t have a ton of experience raising them, dealing with them daily, etc…I’m a big child myself so I can picture myself with a baby of my own, that would be absolute chaos. Their father could sell tickets to the event like it was the circus because hells you know me raising a child would be entertainment at its best.

I don’t claim to know the proper age for makeup and I’m pretty liberal in all my views of life….but maybe…kinda, sorta..four years old might be too young for makeup.

Lindsay Cross wrote an article about how she applies makeup on her four year old daughter for special events and it went viral pretty damn fast. And you know what happens once things go viral, Lindsay started feeling the old Internet backlash….

When is your daughter too young for makeup?


Naris Up Japan Koaland Nose Care & Refresh Cream

I dunno about you but my nose is a mess all Winter long and into Spring. I’m sneezing, blowing my nose, and causing general chaos so it looks red, flaky, and feels oh so sore.


Spring is here and I’m not typically allergic to anything but for some reason I can’t stop sneezing. I feel like a little kid with my nose as bright as an apple.

I think my little nose needs a little TLC from Naris Up Japan Koaland Nose Care & Refresh Cream.


Charlotte Ronson Starry Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow

$h*t that makes me laugh, “Dog’s That Look Like Game of Thrones Characters“.

You gotta love it…

As for serious makeup stuff, I really want me some Charlotte Ronson Starry Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow, I’m not laughing ’bout that.