Philosophy Sip and Savor Drinks 3 in 1 Shower Gel Set

There’s all sorts of excess, crazy baggage that comes with a drunk Muse so I don’t drink (possible nekkid antics, etc…)

However, I’d never say no to a mojito if Philosophy is treatin’!

This cocktail inspired shower gel set is made up of three full size 3 in 1 Shower Gels from Philosophy.

Party on in your shower with…

  • Citrus Mojito
  • Playful Peach ‘Tini
  • Maraschino Cherry Lemonade

The set is for three sixteen oz bottles for $36.

Available now at

  • 4/29/12 0:36 Dannie:

    Where can I find these to purchase!?? I’m really interested in the Citrus Mojito and the Maraschino Cherry Lemonade!


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