Pur Minerals Cream Eyeshadow You Will Be Mine!

Being a mush for cream eyeshadows I’m all about checking out the new Pur Minerals Cream Eyeshadow.

Come here darlin’, you know you want me.

Pur Minerals Cream Eyeshadow promises to initiate lock down mode with a stay all day cream shadow formula. It’s armed with SepiLift (something I think Pur Minerals made up as they were going along) which is a unique ingredient that tightens and lifts your lids for a silky smooth finish even on a less than smooth lid.

They claim they’ll last through humidity, tears, rain, and the Summer sun.


  • Plum Luck
  • Bubbly Beige
  • Smitten
  • Oh Darling

Ok, I’m sold, but I need a little more variety, four shades doesn’t cut it.

Available now at Ulta and Ulta.com

  • 4/10/12 11:27 telle:

    ha ha ha ha! agreed! at least with only four shades for now, its easier on the pocket book! it would be great if they released a little lt. ed. set for mother’s day or something of some additional shades…! :)


    • 4/10/12 11:31 the Muse:

      i’d love that ;-D I need me some variety telle! ;D


  • 4/10/12 14:23 Andrea:

    I’m going to pass on these. I recently tried their new eye shadow primer and it didn’t work…and I’ve never tried an eye primer that didn’t work on me. Something tells me these shadows will crease on me.


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