Pur Minerals Super Shot

It’s a little too early to start stalking Alexander Skarsgård, I’m not quite ready for True Blood until the Summer heat sets in but I can tell you that I’m all ABOUT me some Joel Kinnaman.

It totes the Swede invasion around here lately…

Me likey.

But on to the beauty girls (and guys)….

Pur Minerals Super Shot caught my eye today…

This plant based formula mixes with your makeup and skincare to help correct the appearance of common skin concerns.


Like what?

They just say that it:

  • Increases current concentration of ingredients
  • Adds new problem-solving ingredients
  • Boosts overall product effectiveness

According to Pur you mix one pump of this into cream or serum of choice and it’ll add “skincare benefits” to makeup.

Please, someone tell me, what the hell does that even mean?

Now you got me curious…

This one will set you back $49 but not sure you wanna dish out that near fifty without knowing what exactly it is you’re injecting into your current regime….!

Hopefully Pur can elaborate a little bit.


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Available now at Ulta.

  • 4/9/12 12:15 Cj:

    Okay hold the freak up. I know it’s early and your hungover but that is no excuse!

    It is never too early to stalk Alexander Skarsgård! 😛 And that guy looks like a homeless crack addict lol.


    • 4/9/12 12:16 the Muse:

      ok, I’m getting a feel for your guy likes, you like the pretty ones lol ;-D not the rough around the edges ones ;-D


      • 4/9/12 12:25 Cj:

        Exactly 😀 but see this is good! We have different taste in guys. So if the rest of the girls and gays drop off the planet we can share 😛 You take the rough ones, I take the pretty ones :) Lol

        Ps: This is like the fourth time I’ve seen the (and guys) thing. I feel so included <3 haha


        • 4/9/12 12:28 the Muse:

          LOL thank god you thought of that…phew! lol but…sometimes I really like the pretty ones too ;-D so maybe we can think of some joint custody thing ;-D ha of COURSE you’re included ;-D ALWAYS! 😀 my universe would be less colorful without fabulous gay men in it who are love beauty as much as I do.


          • 4/9/12 12:31 Cj:

            ROFL joint custody! I love it lol.

          • 4/9/12 12:38 the Muse:

            hehe…is that terribly gross? ;-D I don’t mind so long as you don’t! lol!

  • 4/9/12 19:31 KC:

    Oh man haha, I too came here to say that it is never too early to stalk Alex Skarsgård! I wonder if this The Killing show is any good?? I kept seeing ads for it during Walking Dead and I was like hmm… Also this product sounds crazy!


    • 4/10/12 9:47 the Muse:

      it is it is ;-D great show. they did a good job on rhe remake ;-D


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