Sephora Instant Airbrush Foundation

I thought we were done with dial a lash, dial a foundation, etc…

Obviously not.

Sephora Instant Airbrush Foundation dials up to your perfect tone.


Sephora Instant Airbrush Foundation is a new spray foundation that allows you to dial up your shade from lightweight to full coverage.

The paraben-free formula gives a soft, airbrushed finish with a lightweight, oil-free finish that promises to work for your face as well as your body.

I’m pretty skeptical of spray on foundations to be honest but I’m trusting Sephora a lot more lately with my makeup choices so this could prove good.

Whatcha think?

Ready to dial up your foundation?

  • 4/26/12 18:15 Becca:

    Spraying foundation on my face has never seemed particularly appealing to me–whether its from an airbrush machine or in a can. But then again, I like my foundation to have a light coverage and natural, semi-matte finish. I’m sure something like this would be good for taking pictures or an event or something, but day to day I just don’t think it’s necessary


  • 4/27/12 4:19 Ljana:

    Nah, these gimmicks never work for me, I’m way to lazy to be fiddling with a dial in the morning.
    I do like Sephora’s new Hydrating and Brightening foundation, not sure if it’s been released in the US, though.


    • 4/27/12 9:00 the Muse:

      mmm haven’t heard of that yet ljana!


  • 4/27/12 10:12 Laura:

    I think this looks awesome, I can’t wait to try it. I love diors spray foundation, but hate the price, so if this is even a smidge close to being as good as diors im all over it!


  • 4/28/12 19:34 Nancy:

    I have used Dior’s spray foundation and use a foundation brush to apply. It is pricey to say the least but works beautifully. I am definitely willing to give Sephora’s a try!


  • 5/1/12 21:42 Twirishlady:

    Can you get this and do a review for us? I am very curious…oh heck, I have one foot out the door to buy this but I am afraid if it sucks!


    • 5/2/12 9:00 the Muse:

      hi twirish def, haven’t seen in store yet though!


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