Take Your Legs Out of Hibernation for Summer and Treat Yourself To One of These New Razors

I told you about my friend from high school who didn’t shave her legs all winter long right?

How wrong is that…!

Are you guilty?

For shame you lazy little thing.

Well, take your legs out of hibernation, it’s about time and check out some of these new razors popping up! I kinda sorta want the Tropical Splash one, I like to feel like I’m on an island when I shave ya know?

P.S. and nooooo…I’m not referencing myself when I say “friend”!

Schick Intuition Tropical Splash Razor $11.99

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor $10.99

Schick Hydro Silk Razor $8.99

Schick Xtreme 3 Eco Disposable Razors $8.99

These are available now at drugstores.

Which razor do you currently use?

  • 4/26/12 11:31 Cj:

    Ooh the hydro silk is supposed to be really good. I hear a lot of raves about it :)


    • 4/26/12 11:34 the Muse:

      jc you don’t shave your legs! hehehehe!


      • 4/26/12 11:39 Cj:

        I’m Cj again, Jc went back where he came from! I distracted him with one of those men’s fitness magazines, he says he likes the articles but I think we all know what he likes in them.


        • 4/26/12 11:51 the Muse:

          LOLLLLLLLL you’re such a dork ;-D


  • 4/26/12 11:42 Ruth:

    *guiltily raises hand* I don’t shave my legs as often as I should in the winter. Maybe every couple a weeks?? not really sure. The razor that occupies my shower is the intuition, that’s been my go to for years.the handle probably needs to be replaced, i think that it’s grody looking. but since my eye sight is shit, i can’t tell when i’m in the shower and forget to put my glasses on to check when i’m not.


    • 4/26/12 11:51 the Muse:

      lol ruth! you shameful hairy legged lady! ;D


      • 4/26/12 14:42 Ruth:

        I know! *hangs head in shame*


        • 4/26/12 14:50 the Muse:

          lol! girl buy yourself some razors ;-D <3!


          • 4/26/12 15:04 Ruth:

            i’ll go straight away after work. =)

          • 4/26/12 15:05 the Muse:

            lol! you still have time, the weather got cold again hahaha!

  • 4/26/12 12:11 JoElla:

    I love the intuition razor! I don’t know why but it is just easier to shave with this than going the extra step of using a shave cream/gel. I can’t explain it but it just is.

    The venus one, irritated my legs horribly. Which I found odd because I like the regular venus one.


    • 4/26/12 12:20 the Muse:

      i really like the intuition too but for some reason my “soap” wriggles off towards the end of the razor use.


  • 4/26/12 12:14 Ishah:

    The Tropical Splash one looks nice, I like Schick Intuition razors. And I’ve been guilty of going a month during winter…. I’m a mother and live in jeans lol


    • 4/26/12 12:19 the Muse:

      ishah ;-D you have an excuse you are prob busy with your kiddies ;-D! we forgive you hehe!


  • 4/26/12 14:33 SusanT:

    I am a Schick Intuition girl. However, I can only use the ones for sensitive skin, otherwise my skin gets horribly irritated.


    • 4/26/12 14:41 the Muse:

      aw! I thank the gods daily I’m not sensitive, I’d be all kinds of crazy if I were :-/


  • 4/26/12 17:30 Courtney:

    I loathe the intuition. It gave me really bad razor burn (ouch!) I recently tried the hydro silk and it was okay, definitely moisturizing, but I didn’t feel like it cut as close as the Venus.


  • 4/26/12 23:39 Quinctia:

    I hated the intuition. Found that I still needed some sort of shaving cream with it. Never really understood why they put so much product around it when it becomes useless after it wears down past the razor part, anyway.

    I just buy the twin blade ladies’ razors that have a lanolin strip and a push button to help clean between the blades. I find the product I use to shave more important than the razors themselves. The razor being new and sharp is the most important thing. If I paid even more for razors, I’d be worse about changing them out than I already am!


  • 4/27/12 19:12 Swims alot:

    I use the Venus.I found that the Intuition’s skin conditioner glob makes it hard to get a close shave.
    I unabashedly only shave legs during swimming season. I shave pits unless DH pleads me to let them grow. Eeeeew to me, but after almost 25 yrs of marriage I am glad that he is still hot for me. Thak the gods I have sparse hair these days lol


  • 11/13/13 19:00 Michelley:

    I have always been a Schick Quattro lady myself, but for the last 3 years or so I only shave my arms. As in, forearms, not armpits. I have come to love my bodyhair. I have to take the hair off my legs in the deep of winter though, because wearing 2 pairs of thermal leggings/tights means the hair gets pulled around and the roots get irritated, so I wax once, and then I don’t touch my legs again for a whole year. I never worry anymore about “oh gee, I haven’t shaved this week, I’m not ‘allowed’ to wear shorts or a tank top in public, other women will think less of me” instead it’s just, I wear whatever I want regardless of the season, and it’s obvious that laziness isn’t the reason I have hair, since it’s all fully grown on purpose, and not just 4 day stubble. Yay for streamlining the hell out of the primping area of life. Way more time now to devote to my makeup and the hair ON my head :)


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