Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes Review and Swatches

I recently hauled a few shades of Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes. I really like cream shadows like this as they create super quick yet pretty eye looks.

Let’s take a peek!

These are a tiny tube and will set you back around 800 yen or less if purchased directly from Japan (they retail for around 972 yen but drugstore discounts all around Japan will get you many a fine deal). The problem is most of you will be shopping them online and they prove a little costly after raised retail prices as well as airmail, etc….this and the fact that the formula isn’t so fabulous has be saying, don’t bother.

Each tube comes with a sponge tip applicator for application. You can swipe them on and blend with a fingertip. They formula is very creamy and blends easily for a cream shadow. I had absolutely no issues or problem quickly applying and blending out. They also have a rather lovely sparkle finish that isn’t crazy or overly done. I find they stay wet just long enough so you can build them easily as well…

Caramel Chocolate

Sugar Milk Tea

Sugar Milk Tea and Caramel Chocolate

Actually, that’s my issue with the shadows.

They prove very challenging to build up as the color starts out quite pigmented but after blending it becomes very sheer. Each layer I applied didn’t help enhance the color pay off unfortunately. It seems like they blend color away easily and leave behind just a subtle kiss of color. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because they create really natural, polished looks but when you are paying this much for such a smaller size you might expect a bit more unless of course, you can get them at retail, than they are worth it!

I’d personally have liked more color pay off all around here.

Overall, Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes have a lovely formula. The smaller size and higher cost on our side of the world does prevent me from raving them completely as I’d possibly recommend them to those who like a more sheerer, easier to apply eyeshadow. However, the price does prevent me from saying, “Hey, go get ’em! They are fab!” You might want to try them if pricing isn’t an issue and you’re a ok with a sheer shadow. They do build up but in formula only as they won’t look cakey no matter how many layers you have in place but as far as building up color, that seems to prove rather weak.

Caramel Chocolate

Sugar Milk Tea

A little disappointing!

Tried ’em?

Love ’em?

Left ’em?

Do share!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 5/16/12 0:03 catazure:

    Not wild about the eyeshadow but your cheeks look fab!
    Your whole face has a pretty glow:) What is tha?


    • 5/16/12 9:22 the Muse:

      aw thanks catazure, the new cream blush from Tarina!


  • 5/16/12 3:47 Musebeliever:

    I’m not surprised as japanese girls usually put very subtle make to go at work. This seems to fit with what they need. Beautiful colours !


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