H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover

Let’s see, my very frugal aka cheap azz self really doesn’t adore the idea of spending near $30 bucks on Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover.

Ouch, y u hurt my feelings like that Lancome?

Perhaps the new H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover will be a better option with a cheaper price tag.

I want to try!

H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover is an oil-free remover with sea mineral complex (not interested in that, just want it to remove my eye makeup thanks every so much).

The sea mineral complex comes along with all sorts of benefits for your delicate eye area but above all it sounds hydrating….

Mostly I want a cheap, effective alternative to my expensive Lancome remover.

Sephora sometimes does the trick as does L’Oreal but I keep turning back to Lancome, just seems to work way better than both of those.

H20 won’t you be my new replacement?

I just ordered a bottle from Ulta let’s see what I think!

What’s the most expensive eye makeup remover you’ve used?

  • 5/1/12 15:09 Ruth:

    I use Lush’s 9-5( $20) to remove my make-up. It’s really gentle and if I open my eyes by accident it doesn’t burn (stupid eyes opening). Sonia Kashuk’s remover works pretty well also and it’s purple. the color shouldn’t be a factor, but it really is. I tried the l’oreal one and that made my eyes swell up like crazy mad! Not sure what is it but that shiz went right into the recycle bucket.


  • 5/1/12 16:39 chelsfofo:

    ACTUALLY! this is my FAVORITE dupe for lancome’s bi-facil!!! I love it, you get a ton for your money and still boasts nice sea-like ingredients. You should totally try it!


    • 5/1/12 16:42 the Muse:

      thanks chels ;-D I ordered one so quite excited to try!


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