HSN Snow White and the Huntsman Inspired Collection

Here’s a terribly cool collaboration…

HSN collobrates with the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman film for a collection of beauty, jewelry and more inspired by the tale.

Here’s a little sneaky peek video of the collection.

Visit www.hsn.com for more on this collection!

  • 5/15/12 16:37 Angie:

    Oh my gah! THIS is what I was hoping for the Benefit one they just released. A well thought out collection that actually goes along with the movie. I did notice that there’s not much make-up for this though. Bummer. But that mirror and table!


    • 5/15/12 21:45 Ruth:

      my thoughts exactly! the packaging on the lippie is beautiful. since that was only just a taste of the offerings, maybe their beauty selections will be more vast.


  • 5/16/12 1:22 Charlotte:

    Wow.. love the jewelry, so pretty.


  • 5/16/12 11:12 Ester:

    I liked the apple stuff, like the candle.


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